16 Health Conscious Event Ideas

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Many attendees are becoming more and more health conscious and event planners are keen to offer healthy ideas and alternatives that appeal to them.

Promoting healthier choices and wellbeing needn’t be intimidating, and it will give you the opportunity to connect and please a diverse range of people, all holding a common mindset. You want to please your participants and cater for all needs, so let’s get the ball rolling with these 16 ideas for successful health-focused events.

  1. Smoothie Bikes

Smoothies deliver a delicious boost of vitamins and minerals, and you can ramp up the health benefits by integrating a fun workout with this idea! Smoothie bikes provide an ingenious combination of exercise and with a well-earned treat at the end. Simply load up the blender with a combo that your attendee loves, get them to jump onto the bike, start peddling, and keep going until the smoothie is ready. It’s a great participatory and attention-grabbing activity, particularly for trade shows and festivals. If you have more than one at your event, you could also inspire some healthy competition between individuals.  

Credit: Inception

  1. Healthier Alcohol Options

Would you believe us if we said you could enjoy your favourite tipple with a healthy twist? It’s true! Breweries, distilleries, and wineries are tapping into the trend and creating beverages with extra healthy ingredients. Check out this innovative cider from Stoked, which has been blended with antioxidant-packed matcha green tea and yuzu. You could also try smoothies with an alcoholic kick, or cocktails packed with fresh fruits to add a tasty kick to a cocktail evening.

Credit: Stoked Cider Co.

  1. Freebie Health Snacks

Keep your guests fuelled by giving away freebies and samples of nourishing snacks. Why not get in touch with health-focused food brands to offer a collaboration or sponsorship that’s mutually beneficial and could be particularly popular at sporting events? Your event can offer valuable exposure, whilst their contribution will help to keep your guests feeling energetic and their brains fuelled.

When selecting the snacks at your event, look for products that are full of genuinely healthy ingredients with no nasty additives. Make sure to cover all bases by choosing items that are suitable for the most popular eating plans, including vegan, low carb, low fat, and ketogenic.

Credit: Beautiful Me Menu

  1. Tropical Fruit Display

When serving healthy food at your event, don’t shy away from making it spectacular! There are plenty of imaginative ways to present food, particularly when you’re working with a range of colours, shapes, and textures.

Check out this amazing arrangement where they’ve created an attractive tropical-themed banquet from delicious fruits, with a palm tree, island, pineapple boats, and carved watermelons. There’s also a selection of fruit skewers too to keep it practical to tuck in.

One of the vendors who made #BAAY2017 worth it…. need I say more….thanks for making our day so lit!!! @Regranned from @ayomorin1 – Thanku @splashgreens for coming through even at the last minute, beautiful fruit fountain to add some colour to our big day, love d water melon carvings @Regranned from @splashgreens – Setup of life! #baay2017 @dreamsjungleevents Ayodeji weds Ajibade💖💖❤ It’s Fruits arrangement, it’s add GLAMOUR to your event…@splashgreens making things happen💪👍✌ #itsourwork #softwork #fruits #events #evening #healthyeating #healthyevent #fruitdisplay #FruitArt #carving #watermelon #fruittree #Saturday #party #owanbe #sumtinlight #splashgreens #watermeloncarving #wedding #love – #regrann – #regrann

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Credit: Bade Smart

  1. On the Go Salads

Make lunchtime convenient by providing wholesome meals to take away. No need to make a fast food run when there are healthy options on the menu. These on-the-go salads are the perfect choice for health-conscious guests and they’re ideal for meetings and busy events that leave little time to hunt for a nutritious meal. Using this takeaway cup format, it’s also easy to add cutlery. Think about the ingredients you can include in takeaway salad cups; make sure to create options for an comprehensive range of dietary requirements.

  1. Colorful Bowls

Smoothie bowls are a popular way to enjoy blended mixes of fruits, vegetables, grains, and other healthy ingredients. By using naturally colorful components, you can create a gorgeous spectrum of foods that are as good for your body as they’re pleasing to the eye!

If you’re going to have smoothie bowls at your event, make them interesting by adding vibrantly-colored ingredients. You can also create stunning layer effects by pouring different blends in the same bowl. Check out these beautiful bright pink and violet bowls; totally irresistible!

Infuse some color and nutrients into your afternoon snack with a pitaya smoothie, smoothie bowl or nice cream. Which one would you choose?! I’m feeling the smoothie today 💜💗😍🎄 Photo @jenniferbrazil Special thanks to: @enjoyyoso (coconut yogurt) @e3livecanada (blue majik) . . . . #amberapproved #bluemajik #ahealthynut #nicecream #feedfeedglutenfree #smoothiebowls #coconutbowl #coconutbowls #deliciusfood #nutritiousanddelicous #onthetable #eeeeeeats #yummy😋 #goodmoodfood #glutenfreelife #dairyfreelife #refinedsugarfree #pitaya #simplefood #recipeshare #healthyishappy #smoothiegoals #smoothiesofig #healthyindulgence #snacktime #huffposttaste #buzzfeast #foodnetwork #neonfood

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  1. Glow Party

A health-themed event is the perfect place to hold an invigorating exercise class. Taster sessions and group activities not only get the blood pumping, but also inspire guests to take up a sport they may not have previously considered. If your event is focused on a particular sport or activity, think about complementary classes that will be of benefit. For example, if you are catering to runners, you could offer a strength and conditioning session, or a yoga class to aid flexibility and recovery.

Most of all, your event should be fun! Who could resist this glow-in-the-dark Zumba party idea? It’s an exciting twist on the dance exercise class that will have your guests reaching for their neon workout threads!

Even if we’re just dancing in the dark 😉 💃🏻🌟🕺🏻🌟 Glow Party coming up on Monday April 16th!!! 🙀 Come be #Peligrosa with me & all the #BEfitBabes who always make you feel welcome to the party!! 💃🏻💜🌟 Wear white or Neon Clothes to help get your #glow on!!! @beyondfitnessct 😘😘 #GlowParty #Zumba #NewHaven #positivevibes #uplift #persevere #glowup #danceinthedark 🧛‍♀️

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  1. Mental Health Feedback

In recent years, there has been a welcome and long-overdue societal emphasis on the importance of looking after the mind. Awareness of mental health issues has become more widespread, and the stigma surrounding these conditions is steadily eroding.

When hosting a health-focused event, it’s an excellent idea to highlight the importance of mental wellness. Remind guests that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body, and be imaginative in how you deliver that message. Blok Design created this eye-catching wall of mood pins, each of which contained a common thought or feeling. Visitors were welcome to take a pin that resonated best with them. A clever way to keep the conversation about mental health front and centre!

  1. Dance Workshop

Exercise classes needn’t be boring or repetitive! Shake things up (quite literally) with a dance workshop at your event. It’s a perfect team-building exercise for corporate guests, and a great deal of fun for everyone! Work with a proficient instructor to ensure that attendees have a safe and enjoyable experience, and encourage guests into the party mood with appropriate lighting and decorative touches.

Credit: Tomek Zorawski

  1. Big Rigs

Make sure that all of your guests can see the action at the front of the class! Opt for extra-large screens to allow everyone to follow along, and ensure that they’re visible to everyone using the space. This is also a great idea if you’re holding a session without a live instructor; a pre-recorded class can be just as immersive with screens this large!

At this well-attended session in Paris, there are several large screens that accommodate everyone within a generous space. The organisers have also provided lighting that creates a fun and interesting atmosphere for guests.

Credit: Stephanie R.

  1. Climbing Walls

Why not elevate your guests to new heights? Simply add a climbing wall to your event program! New and interesting activities can open attendees’ eyes to different ways of working out. Encouraging them to try unfamiliar exercises can also help to boost their confidence and have a positive impact upon mental health and the fun factor.

Credit: Aveling Adventure

  1. Boosted Water

Hydration is a crucial aspect of overall wellness, and we don’t just mean chugging back water; our bodies must also have the perfect balance of electrolytes to perform vital functions. Sometimes, our enthusiasm to increase water intake can temporarily knock electrolytes out of equilibrium; this may also happen after a particularly vigorous workout or demanding race.

These delicious coconut water drinks contain a precise mix of electrolytes to help keep your body in balance. Consider electrolyte-infused drinks for your event; just make sure that they have a tangible benefit to your guests, without the excess sugar or artificial flavourings that can be found in some brands.   

Credit: The Ultimate Team

  1. Indoor Pitches

Create a versatile surface for a range of activities by fitting an indoor pitch at your venue. The green space is ideal for ball games, circuits, and exercise classes with an outdoor vibe. If you have a full agenda with different sports on offer, an indoor pitch will accommodate. Due to its softer, springier qualities, it’s also easier on the joints than concrete or wooden flooring. Check out this group enjoying their exercise class on an indoor pitch in Miami!

Credit: Ciclope Productions LLC

  1. Watermelon plate

After a long day of working out and learning new skills, it’s time for a little refreshment. Keep it healthy by using nutrient-dense and hydrating fruits. This gorgeous watermelon ball platter is simple, elegant, and delicious. You could also try other types of melon, pineapples, mangos, kiwis, and grapes, and build a rainbow of wholesome treats!

  1. Food Workshops

It is said that you can’t outrun a bad diet. Making the conscious effort to eat a balanced and nutritious range of foods is easy in theory, but can be difficult to maintain in practice, particularly if you’re not an experienced cook. Help your guests to brush up on their skills by offering food workshops. This will help them to learn about selecting good-quality ingredients, preparing and cooking meals, and serving appropriate portion sizes. These sessions are also a great deal of fun and good for team building.

Credit: Kim Holmes

  1. Color Run

Running is an exhilarating and liberating way to work out. Take it to the next level by adding the atmosphere of a festival and the joy of a neon dance party. You have all the ingredients for a colour run! These events, usually in a 5k format, are fun, accessible to all fitness levels, and encourage a desire to keep exercising long after the paint has worn off! If you have the space, consider adding one of these vibrant races to your event. And of course, encourage participants to take colourful selfies!  

In Conclusion

Health conscious event ideas don’t have to be flash or “in your face” they just have to show you’re willing to make concessions for some of your attendees. Just remember, adding health related elements to your event can be inclusive and fun. Most of all it shows that you care about the overall health and wellbeing of your guests and it helps you stay on trend too.