14 Things Eventprofs Should Own

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By owning these items, you are sure to rock your next big event! What would you add to this list of things eventprofs should own?

Each and every event professional has their own personal list of items, tools and gadgets that lead them towards accomplishing their goals at events. There are just certain things we can’t work without. So what is on your list of must-have essentials? The following list includes 14 things that have led my events towards organization and success. Read on to find out the 14 things eventprofs should own.

Things Eventprofs Should Own

14. Organized Filing System

Staying organized is very crucial to success as an event manager. Having your own style of filing and tracking documents both on and offline will keep you on track and save precious time during busy events.

13. Well-Maintained Calendar

Everyone has their own system for maintaining a daily to-do list. Most of us keep a calendar or agenda to provide a look at each day, week and month. Maintaining a digital calendar is one popular method as it allows you to view your obligations at just the click of a button, although some managers still prefer a handwritten calendar. Finding what works most efficiently for you and your style is always the best method.

12. Emergency Kit

Having your own emergency kits for events is a great way to stay prepared and ahead of the game. If you are a wedding planner, keeping things like bobby pins, mints, and stain remover would all be great items for your kit. If you plan more corporate events items like pens, notebooks and back up batteries might be more your style. Whatever your event, having these clutch little kits can save you in a pinch.

11. Extra Cell Phone Charger

For those of us who travel, we have sacrificed our fair share of cell phone chargers to hotels and rentals cars. Always keeping an extra one handy is sure to keep your battery charged and could help out an attendee that might be in a tight spot. Another item to keep handy is a car charger, as these are vital for planners on the move.

10. Extra Copies of Everything

Back up copies of all vital event documents will prove to be your best friend during a busy event. On many occasions documents get misplaced or distributed leaving you, the planner, in a tight spot. Unless you have quick access to a copier you could be left carefully guarding your master list!

For example, at a large-scale golf outing you may need many sets of pairings for the tournament staff, club staff, additional guests and volunteers. The last thing you ever want is to run out of copies for your VIPs, so when in doubt print additional. Don’t forget to think green by recycling the leftover copies after the outing!

9. Well-Trained Staff and Volunteers

While you may not “things eventprofs should own” them, you should definitely have reliable people to count on at your events. Take the time to train your team and educate them on your event, your client or your organization. This will give the staff a sense of ownership in the event and increase their customer service skills on the day of the event.

8. Emergency Funds

Having emergency funds will give you a nice cushion when things don’t go as expected. Perhaps you lose a big account or your end of year bonus doesn’t come through as planned. Having funds to rely on will help make ends meet when your income is less than expected.

Extra funds can also be handy for big purchases or upgrades that your company may need. Saving up these funds can be a challenge at first, but could pay off big in the long run!

7. Proper Technology

Owning the latest and greatest technology can make your event stand out above the rest. On occasion this upgrade may come along with a hefty a price tag, but you at least want to make sure your tech levels are up to par. When possible push the envelope and get ahead of the curve!

Some exciting technology can be free to use, but may require skills to implement. For example, many of the live streaming apps such as Periscope can add a fun new element for your event without costing much more than time and effort.

6. A Great Clipboard or Binder

As an event manager you spend the majority of your time on event day, putting out fires and seeing to it that the logistics of the event are being executed. When you are busying moving around you need your important documents to travel with you. Finding a high-quality binder or clipboard will be a great tool that you will enjoy having at every event.

5. Food and Beverage

Always have your own supply of snacks and lots of water on hand. When you get busy as a planner it is easy to forget to eat or become dehydrated. Pick up a nice reusable water bottle and handy snacks you can eat on the go. This will help you to keep your energy levels high while maintaining focus and productivity.

4. Stress Reliever

Finding the best way to reduce your stress level is a secret weapon among event planners. For me, it is going on a nice long run at the end of the day. For some people it might be a little glass of wine after work, spending time with friends or listening to music. Finding your stress reliever and making it a special part of your routine will go a long way in keeping you sane and happy as a planner.

3. A Positive Attitude

Having a great outlook on your events, career and work life will pay huge dividends towards your event outcomes. Nothing kills the vibe quicker than working with someone who has a bad attitude. Own your attitude and always do your best to bring a positive energy to your events.

2. Your Personal Brand

Owning your personal brand and style will show your clients that you have a unique and creative energy. Find something to set your events apart from everyone else. Maybe you thrive on providing the best customer service in your city, or perhaps your connections in the community are your calling card. Whatever your niche is, be great at it and make it known!

1. Your Event

Taking ownership in your event is the ultimate way to show your clients and attendees that you take pride in your career and business. Sometimes things will go wrong and in these moments it may be hard to take responsibility, but you must. On many more occasions your event will be a roaring success and you can be proud to call the event your own!

In Conclusion

There are many different things eventprofs should own. Some are vital, while others may be considered more of a luxury. New tools, systems and gadgets are always evolving, so don’t be afraid to try out something new! Work hard to find the right set of items for you and your team to own. This will help your events to flow and improve your overall planning process.