14 Reasons Why Event Planning Steals People’s Hearts

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Event planning might not be every youngster's first career choice but it can easily steal your heart and get the endorphins pumping. Here are 14 top reasons why you can’t help but fall in love with it.

There are sexy occupations in the world. Lead singer of a band, for one. That position transforms an ordinary person into someone who is forced to dodge undergarments for a living. While event planning may not have the same cult-like following, it does require a lot of special skills and it’s a career that’s easy to be drawn to.

Event planning requires a wide range of skills that can be quite beguiling. Plus, there’s the excitement of hosting parties and other top events. Event planning is the type of career people dream of and here’s why it’s easy to succumb to its lure. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve also included a few songs for the soundtrack.

Maybe I’m Amazed: Organizing Squirrel Rodeos with a Smile

There’s something to be said for someone in command of it all. Someone who can juggle a million different tasks without breaking a sweat. Event planners are organized and in charge but not overly commanding because their jobs are always about building and maintaining relationships. As an event planner, you could also get the opportunity to meet famous celebrities, powerful people, and nationally-known speakers.

Kiss From a Rose: Exercising Your Impeccable Taste

Event planners have impeccable taste in every area from decor to delectable food, comfort creation to creating memorable experiences. They can take a weed and a stick and make it into an impressive centerpiece. Just ask them. Event planners are the MacGyver of the party world.

Come Away with Me: Go to the Best Places

Best restaurants. Best nightclubs. Best spots to vacation. Event planners know and experience it all. Often they build relationships with people at those places who can help add extra sparkle to their own vacations, once they’re able to take one. As an event planner, you get to know the best of the best and learn of places that no one else has heard of. So whether you’re looking to be seen or get away from it all, you know how to do it as an event planner.

At Last: Use Your Charm

Event planning is a career where you can use your natural charm. After all, you can’t be in a people role without knowing how to woo different crowds. Sure, you’ll handle stressful conversations, the type no one wants to have, but if you are successful in the field, you will be able to do so graciously. Event planners are perfect hosts and if you love hosting, you’ll love this industry.

Up Where We Belong: Exercise Your Creativity

You will never be bored as an event planner. You will stretch your creative ideas to turn a parking lot into the best party of the decade. You’ll also apply that creativity to problem solving and budgeting. Event planning is one of those few jobs that requires creativity but also provides a much more steady income than an artist or sculptor.

A Thousand Years: You Will Go Nonstop

Event planners work early mornings and late into the evenings. Like the Energizer bunny, you’re called on to keep going and going. The career will test your stamina and you’ll come away feeling either burnt out or like you just competed in a triathlon. While the rest of your crowd is going to sleep, an event planner is hosting glamorous events. That heart pumping adrenaline mixed with espresso shots can be quite addictive.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: You’re Flexible Like a Yoga Guru

As an event planner you understand give and take, and the need to sometimes change plans. You are great at accommodating others and making concessions. This job will help you see what is possible and what is not in any given situation and you’ll often become the person your friends go to when they’re in a fix. Becoming a guru can be very intoxicating.

You Are So Beautiful: Your Attention to Detail Pays Off

Event planning professionals are trained to notice and appreciate details. You are also visually adept and this is a career where such a skill can make you much in demand. Where else can you bring your creative visions to life?

I Will Always Love You: Dealing with Difficult People

Yes, you’ll deal with difficult people as an event planner but with each crisis you manage you’ll come away feeling more confident with your abilities. Your skill in handling difficult people makes it easy to do so in all areas of your life. Here are some tips on how to fall in love with your event attendees.

Wonderful Tonight: A Career with Passion

Many people advise others to follow their bliss, but event planners have and do. For everything they put up with, they still get to plan wonderful occasions for their clients. Loving your job, even when it gets stressful, satisfies you in a way that simply cashing a check and watching a clock can’t. Passion is contagious and when you have it for what you do, people want to be around you.

Time After Time: Embrace the Agenda and Schedule

Event planners are notorious for being on time because that’s how they run their operation. If you love working against the clock and the stress of making it all come together in a narrow time frame, you’ll love event planning.

In Your Eyes: Bringing People Joy

After years of planning parties and events, you know how to show people a good time, from big extravagant undertakings, to small gestures that thrill your client and attendees. No matter what the occasion, you know what each event needs to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and you can accomplish it on any scale. Best of all you get to see the joy on your client’s face when you do.

You Light Up My Life: Stay in a Good Light

What’s the difference between a good picture and a great one? What makes a traffic-stopping beauty and someone who goes unnoticed? If you answered good lighting, you must be an event planner. An event planner understands how lighting sets the mood, evokes emotion, and flatters all. And best of all you’re in control of it as an event planning professional.

The Power of Love: Work Your Budget

Event planners can create fun on any budget. Whether they have hundreds of thousands of dollars to work with or a dream and a coupon, they can create special experiences no matter what. That’s why so many people want to be part of their crowd.

In Conclusion

Rockstars, firefighters, knights on horseback, and event planners all have their own special appeal. Event planning combines fun and organization, and that’s one of the many reasons it’s easy to lose your heart to this wonderful career.