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100 Pinterest Boards Every Eventprof Should Follow

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This is a bumper list of 100 must-follow Pinterest boards to inspire all event planners. There is something here for every event professional to appreciate, covering all event types, size, budgets and ideas!

Recently valued at over $10 billion, Pinterest has 175 million monthly users. Pinterest is a great social media platform for events and planning. It is a powerhouse of visual information and for event professionals in particular can provide real world examples and case studies as well as inspiration on a range of event planning or management topics. To update your Pinterest account and start adding real value to your feed, follow these boards and you will keep topping up on your event inspiration and ideas.


Event Marketing Pinterest Boards

  1. Stress-Free Events: Event Marketing

Plenty of content and a LOT of followers, this board by  Constant Contact aims to tackle event marketing at various levels including the registration and even online payment.

  1. On The Social Side: Social Networking & Marketing

This board by  Mujer De Rojo emphasises the social side of marketing and networking which is particularly useful for event professionals with a heavy social role or a large influence in the digital marketing side. Find plenty of inspiration on how to improve social network marketing campaigns.

  1. Infographics: Event Marketing

If infographics are your favourite this is the board to follow by Merchandise Academy as there is plenty of information in well presented pins that will pop and make it easy for you to pick what you need.

  1. Event Manager Blog: Events Marketing

From our very own editor Julius Solaris,  he provides a handy space to access all marketing related posts for events, from social media and event planner fears to event marketer traits there are some insightful articles to click through to (we are biased though!)  

  1. Social Content: Digital Marketing Ideas

The world of digital marketing is vast and you need to work hard to stand out. In but this board by Boudoir Belle MUA Southampton is totally dedicated to getting you through it and has handy pins about content formats, the best marketing images and video content marketing for your event.

  1. Tips & Tricks: Event Marketing Tips

Focusing on business, events and crowdfunding projects means this board from Reality Crowd TV has a wide variety of inspiration to your next marketing endeavour.

  1. Tools In Your Belt: Event Marketing Tools

This board by Energy Parks focuses on marketing but also provides you with tools you need and is the next step when you are stuck for ideas or ways to get your message across.

Event Technology Pinterest Boards

  1. Top Event Tech: Awesome Event Technology

For all things technology focused, trends which affect the industry or solutions that could improve your event this is a must follow board for #eventtech lovers everywhere by EventMB.

  1. Projections & Venues: Video Mapping

Endless Events’s board focuses on building projections and video mapping for internal and external locations to add flair and interesting designs to bland or boring backgrounds.

  1. Industry Specific: Technology: Meetings & Events Industry

Sharing industry specific knowledge and ideas, this board by ASAP Meetings & Events also dabbles in digital technology to help deal with events and planning as well – so this board is a bit of a two in one!

  1. Techy Ideas: Event Technology

This board by In The Event has some great inspiration and ideas to add technology to your event, as well as real life examples of events that have used technology to their advantage.

  1. Behind The Events: Event Technology

This board from Event Suppliers Network focuses more on the tech behind running events and how to utilise this as an event planner rather than physical technology at events. A good option to throw into the mix.

AV, Lighting & Staging Pinterest Boards

  1. All Round Lighting: Lights!!!!!

This board by Wicked Catering & Events does everything it says on the tin and is all about lighting, with plenty of options regardless of your event type or budget size. A great all-rounder for lighting inspiration.

  1. On Stage: Stage Design Inspiration

Looking at various stage designs, examples of event planning involving stage installations and some pretty fancy backdrops, there are plenty of ideas here from Endless Events.

  1. Effects & AV: Audio Visual – #AV #Light/#Lumieres

Plenty of visual and staging effects and some interesting lighting options, including some DIY alternatives, this board has an eclectic selection if you are wanting to browse ideas from Evenements Momento Events.

  1. Tech, Lighting Combo: Events Lighting & Technology

Mixing it up with lighting ideas from trending options and specialty lights as well as some event technology and special features, this board by Taylor Lewis has a bit of everything.  

  1. Lighting Examples: Event Lighting Design

Focusing on a lot of real world examples and installations, this board from Endless Events has some insight into transforming venues with lighting as well as some quirky ideas.

Event Venues Pinterest Boards

  1. Real Life Examples: Event Venues

Featuring plenty of snapshots and pictures from actual events and weddings, with the venue details underneath, you will be cooing over the beautiful spaces pinned to this board by Guesterly.

  1. Venue Décor: Event Venues

Focusing primarily on venue décor, this is a great board to follow from Liz V with inspiration on how to transform venue spaces during the planning phases, from larger rooms to rustic outdoor events.

  1. Pick A Venue: Event Venues

With plenty of venue options this board by A Mothers Service will help you to look at grand houses, gardens and areas that you wouldn’t know existed. It features a lot of options, particularly from the US.

  1. Visual Inspo: Venues

If you are looking for ideas on venue styling this board is a must follow from Perfect Event Proposals and has everything from making the most of church and outdoor spaces to seating and floral styling ideas for your event venue.

  1. UK Business: Corporate Event Venues

Does what it says on the tin! This board by Venues.org.uk has an array of corporate UK event venues with different styling options and information about each venue to help you make the right decision and offer a little inspiration in the process!

  1. Temporary Structures: Event Tents

This specific board is a great option if you are looking to make use of outdoor space but want to accommodate for all weather. It has specific venues and their marquee options as well as some tent styling ideas to make your temporary structure into a beautiful space – from Wicked Catering & Events

Event Catering Pinterest Boards

  1. Business Food: Corporate Buffet Ideas

If you are looking for something that gives off more of a business vibe, this is a great board by Simone Poetscher. Plenty of buffet ideas that are corporate friendly but have the wow factor.

  1. Party Catering: Catering Ideas

If you are looking to self-cater an event or party there are some great options on this board by Everyday Gourmet who gives examples of what to look out for with event caterers so you can replicate your own feast.

  1. Healthy Fun: Healthy Event Food

For the health conscious attendee this board from techsytalk can give you some foodspiration on how to best present and prepare healthy event food for the masses.

  1. Collaborative Catering: Best Catering Ideas

This collaborative board owned by Uptown Events has over 40 collaborators, most of which are catering companies with a range of ideas and inspiration into event food.

  1. Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic Event Drinks: Event Drinks

Alyssa Ahrens covers a wide range of drink ideas from cocktails to mocktails. Lots of beverage inspiration to catch your eye.

Event Entertainment Pinterest Boards

  1. Speakers & Keynotes: Event Speakers

Simple and easy, this board is a list of event speakers and keynotes that may fit your event. Predominantly US based, this board from Groupio has everything from sports men and women to entrepreneurs and authors.

  1. Eclectic Ideas: Exciting Event Entertainment

If you are looking for a variety of options from pop up events to interactive engagement this has a range of options from Simone Poetscher as well as some ways to incorporate technology too.

  1. Bold & Colourful: Event Entertainment

Real-life examples and plenty of colourful inspiration on this board from Stacy Ruffell to do with event entertainment and some interesting ideas on how to incorporate fun aspects for your attendees.

  1. Real Entertainment: Events-Entertainment

A fairly small board by  Candice Hargett but great ideas that can be incorporated into many types of events, alongside real world event examples.

  1. Example Ideas: Event Entertainment

This board from PRI Productions has a variety of performer examples including specialist musicians and acts and entertainment options to interact with attendees at your event.  

Budget Event Ideas Pinterest Boards

  1. Homemade Events: DIY Fun!

Focusing on projects you can make yourself but with an event focus such as streamers, backdrops, wreaths, entertainment and décor this board by One Events Management is a budgeters dream!

  1. Party Planning: Budget Events

For smaller events and parties, including those for your kids, this board from Daisha:Thefuffywife personal has a great selection of money saving tips and budget planning ideas to get a great party on a budget.

  1. Food Station Ideas: Stations

Food stations are a great idea to add something unique to your event catering and can be used to stay within budget too and these ideas from Wicked Catering & Events cover drinks, desserts, mains and snacks all in one handy board.

  1. For Weddings: Wedding On A Budget

Weddings can be costly and this board from SaveUp can help with budgeting and cost-saving ideas to save on your big day as well as including frugal décor and inspiration too.

  1. Big Or Small: Budget Event Ideas

From Simply North these ideas are perfect for events big or small, with party favours and at home party ideas through to inspiration for larger events and focusing on smaller details.

  1. Infographics and Ideas: Budgeting Events

Plenty of inspiration and budgeting advice from infographics and articles are what makes this little board useful from Entertainment 626.

Corporate Events Pinterest Boards

  1. Go Big: Corporate Events

Highlighting larger and more lavish options, Tori – Platinum Elegance Weddings & Events has a board with plenty of real world examples and some inspiration to match from décor and seating to lighting and technology for corporate events.

  1. Décor: Corporate Event Decorations

Intricate light shows and budget balloon ceilings are two ends of the spectrum with this board from Simone Poetscher that focuses on how to spruce up your corporate event and venue.

  1. On Stage: Corporate Stage Design

Showcasing plenty of examples from previous corporate and business events, including conferences and expos around the globe, this board from Steven Donlin deals with stage design on a larger scale and is specifically tailored towards the corporate sector.

  1. Showcasing: Corporate Event Design

This board from Wild Sky Events helps to showcase some of the fun and quirkier side to corporate events and is full of colour and inspiration to make your event stand out.

  1. Small Corporate: Corporate Events

Perfect if you are planning smaller corporate events or have little venues to work with, this board from Enjoius can give décor, food and entertainment ideas from real life examples.

  1. Planning: Corporate Events

This board by Tracee Nicole Events can help particularly with the corporate planning of events and has goody bag suggestions, table size and references and helpful infographics for corporate planning.

  1. Visuals: Corporate Events

Stunning visuals and examples of corporate events, décor, lighting and layouts for a range of event sizes and themes from Exceptional Events.

  1. Event Planners: Corporate Event Location Set-Up

Specifically useful for event planners, this board highlights some corporate set-up ideas and looks at the venue design to suit them as well as some décor ideas from Simone Poetscher!

Event Furniture Pinterest Boards

  1. Seating & Tables: Event Furniture

With an emphasis on tables and seating, this board from RDA Events has plenty of ideas for event furniture as well as seating arrangements from budget options to sofas and larger lavish furniture.

  1. Quirky Options: Event Furniture Ideas

Focusing on a range of different quirky and rustic furniture options, this board from Shadow Flower can cater if you are looking for something a bit more unusual.

  1. Sophisticated Inspo: Event Furniture

Beautiful examples and inspiration on this board from Party Time Rentals with a favour towards sofas and lounging furniture for your attendees to keep them comfortable.

  1. Multiple Sectors: Event Furniture

If you are looking for a good all-rounder, this board from Russell Goddard covers a range of event types from corporate to weddings, big and small!

  1. Lounges: Event Lounge Designs

This board from TriumphExpo will help you create a lounge area for any type of event from outdoors to meetings, as well as ways to incorporate the furniture to encourage networking too.

Event Planning & Management Pinterest Boards

  1. Information: Meeting Planners, Corporate Event Planners & Conference Planners

A really useful board for event planning and management from Events Beyond that has a variety of infographics and ideas, from social media and marketing, to seating and venue organisation.

  1. Planning Combo: Events & Venue Management

A mish mash of ideas from Charis in Wonderland with this board that combines help, visuals and infographics for planning events, with event planning and management careers.

  1. Help A Planner: Event Planning

Designed more with a focus to help event planners with event planning, this board from Elizabeth Briscoe deserves more of a following with ideas on improving your event planning portfolio and apps that can help you.

  1. Planning Planners: Event Planner

This wide ranging board has both planning ideas and inspiration and helpful tools and tricks for event planners alike, along with some fun articles such as “what planners actually do” from Kirsten Paterson.

Event Themes & Décor Pinterest Boards

  1. Getting Colourful: Colour Palettes For Events

Colour schemes, palettes and swatches on this board from Wicked Catering & Events, can help throw together colours and create themes from scratch, as well as highlighting some bold colours that shouldn’t work well together but end up looking visually stunning.

  1. Simple & Effective: Event Décor

An ideal board from Perfect Event Proposals that has a wide range of pins to suit many different décor themes including furniture draping, table settings, themes and venue décor.

  1. Tables & Florals: Stunning Place Settings

Highlighting some beautiful floral options along with table layouts, décor and place settings for inspiration and ideas to spruce up your tables from around the world on this board by Grupio.

  1. Parties: Events: Theming And Decoration

This board from Allison @ Utterly Organised has a range of party themes, clever décor and frugal ideas to make a party a success and focuses on the smaller events.

  1. The Great Outdoors: Outdoor Events

Spruce up your outdoor spaces and cater to ceremonies, parties and events outside with inspiration from this board by Perfect Event Proposals who show ideas to make your outdoor event just as sophisticated as your indoor one!

  1. Themes: Event Theme & Décor Ideas

This board from Wicked Catering & Events has seasonal and year round themes along with décor ideas that can be incorporated alongside them to make it a reality.

Event Signage & Branding Pinterest Boards

  1. Real World: Event Branding

This small but useful board by Vinyl Impressions showcases some interesting examples of unusual event branding from events from around the world.

  1. Ideas: Inspo: Event Branding

From AGD Studio, this board gives examples and inspiration of event branding from a focus of products and smaller items at events such as totes, mats and apparel, as well as some examples of recent event branding.

  1. Logo’s: Koncept Events Branding & Signage

Although this specific board has a lot of concepts from its own events from Koncept Events its focus is on logo and signage of event items and this can be a great inspiration for fun and quirky ideas for things to brand.

  1. Bigger Branding: Event Branding

A healthy amount of pins on this board from Erica Dewolf which is a combination between event examples and branding ideas on a generally larger scale.


  1. Signs: Event Signage

This board is very literal from Jeannette Moore and shows actual signs for events from mirror displays to bar signs it showcases some of the best signage options for your event that you can incorporate.

Wedding Events & Style Pinterest Boards

  1. Infographics: Weddings & Planning

For the amateur (and seasoned) event planner, this board from Passion Planner has an array of ideas, combined with infographics, that are specifically tailored to helping plan a wedding.

  1. Wedding and DIY Signage: Signs & Notice Boards

From seating charts to announcing the new couple’s names and thank you signs to the guests, there is a lot more signage involved in a wedding than you would think and this board from Rock My Wedding can help accommodate this.

  1. Colour Schemes: Wedding Themes & Colours

It’s not just the event themes and colours that have to be considered, although on this board from Wicked Catering & Events they are, it is also how to match the bride, groom, wedding party and even the guests to the colour scheme and this board can help you achieve this goal.

  1. All Wedding Ideas: Wedding Centrepieces

From big or small options, floral to rustic and homemade to lavish orders, this board from Premiere Event Management focuses on all table centrepieces and décor to spruce up the seating areas for the wedding.

  1. Planning Inspo: Wedding Planning

Focusing on the planning aspect of weddings, this board from Ludimila Pinto has ideas and inspiration into themes, décor, organisation, invitations and how to execute a wedding effectively. It can help you turn yourself into a wedding planner!

  1. For The Album: Wedding Photography

This massive board from Wedding Chicks boasts over 300,000 followers and has not only real life beautiful wedding photography but also tips on taking the best photo of the big day and how to show off the photos afterwards.

  1. Amuse Your Guests: Wedding Entertainment

This board by Wedding focuses on wedding entertainment but could easily be adapted for other event types with wedding physical and seated games, table fun and actual entertainment and acts to amuse guests it will help make the wedding truly interactive.

Event Planning Career Pinterest Boards

  1. Career Improvement: Business Planning

Covering a wide range of business topics but also relevant to event professionals, this board from Premier Event Management can help event professionals boost their career whether they are looking to improve their digital skills or their planning, there is something on there for every eventprof.

  1. Visuals: Event Management

This board from Ella Miguel focuses on providing infographics and useful images for event planners across the board to aid in everything from social media to checklists and cartoons.

  1. Little But Useful: Creative Resources For Event Marketing Professionals

As the name suggests, this board from Endless Events aims to provide resources that focus on event marketing and it has tips and advice on social media, emails, cheat sheets and writing content.

  1. The Basics: Event Planning 101

If you are looking for somewhere to start in your event planning career, this board by Unique Venues Of Edinburgh can help with some basic guides and info that every event planner needs.

  1. Eventprof Visuals: Event Manager Sources

Contrary to what the name suggests, this board from Chris Arter contains useful information and visuals for a variety of event professionals, although it does have a managerial career focus in mind.

Conference Pinterest Boards

  1. Organisation Examples: Conference Management

Pico Global’s board has case studies and examples of conferencing layouts, themes and ideas from real events that have been organised to give inspiration and tips on how it’s done.

  1. Planning: Conference

Focusing on the planning elements to executing the perfect conference, this board by Essentially Events shows how to incorporate entertainment and interactive planning as well as tips planners need to know for dealing with conference events.

  1. Attendees: Conferences

This board by Scott Amyx not only follows speakers to various events but also gives insight into the different global conferences around with views from the event from the point of view of a keynote speaker.

  1. Smaller Conferences: Conference & Event Planning

This board from Jan D. Bernard has a lot of conference and event planning tips for organising smaller conferencing events and those with a focus on incorporating networking as well.

Sustainable Events Pinterest Boards

  1. Eco Visuals: Sustainable Event Management

Using mainly infographics this board from EcoPartyTime aims to help event managers consider sustainability during the planning phases to reinforce the value that any event can be sustainable and eco-friendly.

  1. Case Studies: Sustainable Event Design

This board from techsytalk aims to show off real examples of event sustainability, as well as inspiration for the future, from weddings to trade shows and everything in between.

  1. The Small Things: Pinspired – Eco Friendly Events

Focusing on the smaller elements that make up events such as table centres, favours and décor this board from Ashley @ Farthing Events looks at the little things you can do to be more eco friendly in your next events.

  1. Go Rustic: Eco Event Ideas And Décor

Turning to the rustic event themes and style for this board by eco peek is the main inspiration to help with decorating your event in a sustainable way, with an emphasis on outdoor events.

  1. Food & Décor: Organic and Eco Friendly Events

This board from Amy Kostelecky has sustainable elements from table scaping and invitations through to décor but also incorporates organic and sustainable food options too which is not often considered in events.

Exhibitions & Trade Shows Pinterest Boards

  1. Combo Board: Expo

This small collaboration board is owned by Jessica Charapata and contains a wealth of pins on trade shows, exhibitions but more interestingly has plenty of examples of experiential marketing within them which makes this board really useful.

  1. Tradeshow Marketing: Event Marketing/Tradeshows

A combination of marketing and trade show specific marketing and signage in this board from Zahra Matson. Ideas that can help an event planner add an extra layer of specificity, as well as some inspiration and help for making it effective.  

  1. About The Booths: Inspiring Trade Show Booths

Focusing on structures and making use of event space in interesting and interactive ways is what makes this board from Astor Group unique! There are a range of booth designs as well as lounge ideas and furniture to enhance the trade show experience for attendees whether your budget is big or small.

  1. Going Global: Exhibition Stands

With case studies, examples and real life event photos from around the world this board from The Black Pear is an excellent inspiration source for exhibition stands big and small!

  1. Quirky Ideas: Exhibition

If you are looking for installation and décor ideas that are a bit out there but will definitely create a talking or focal point then this is the board to follow from mw mw.

  1. Various Options: Booths, Graphics, Exhibits

This large board from TriumphExpo is dedicated to trade shows and exhibitions collectively and showcases actual event ideas as well as other work that inspires them. From booths and décor to signage, graphics and exhibit design.

Miscellaneous Event Pinterest Boards

  1. Stationery: Invitations

Getting your attendees to your event is half of the battle and this board will help to make a great first impression with styles and invitation inspiration from One Events Management.

  1. Freebies: Free Event Books And Reports

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Our board from the Event MB Pinterest account gives you all of the free reports and books relating to event professionals in a handy and easy place, from event registration and trends to engagement and the editions of the event app bible.

  1. Table Organisation: Table Plans

If you are looking for inspiration to create your event table plan this board from Wasing Park can help. See beautiful ideas for how to convey seating to your attendees for weddings and big or small events.

  1. Start Ups: Event Startups

The largest board of event start ups on Pinterest from Event MB, which has a variety of information, infographics and ideas relating to event startups.

  1. Randoms: Event Ideas

This board from Kelly Bliss has a variety of themes, examples, ideas and décor which act as great event inspiration but doesn’t fit neatly into a category. It doesn’t mean it’s not useful to follow though!

  1. Luncheons: Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas

This board from acharmingmoment has everything you need to pull together a sophisticated outdoor dinner party with décor, themes, lighting, flowers and planning elements.

In Conclusion

As an event professional Pinterest is a fantastic tool to inspire you and to visualize and help plan your own events. With this selection of categories and 100 must-follow boards from across the board there is now no excuse to not find the inspiration and ideas that you have been looking for. Ensuring that you interact, pin and follow the right boards and accounts will help to fill your feed up with event related pins to drool over.

Which are your favorite event related Pinterest boards? Please share details in the comments below.