Event Management

Work Breakdown Structure and Details

Events are about details. If you don’t pay attention to details I strongly suggest you pursue another career path, or alternatively read below.

If you are convinced that details are indeed a priority I strongly suggest you think about using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to manage your next event.

Project managers use WBS to break down projects in smaller parts. By doing so they can define what needs to be done to get from the idea of a project to the actual project. A WBS also helps you in assigning tasks to team members as well as resources.

All the above is pretty straightforward. What I want you to consider is the hidden benefit of coming up with a focused WBS.

By breaking down to a fair amount of detail you’ll be able to think about details. Wait a minute didn’t I suggest you few lines ago to get a new job, you superficial planner?

Well maybe you got a chance.

What we’ve seen is that by using a WBS you can actually identify details.

The trick is that is you can think of new ways to add value to that particular detail.

Think about a conference where a WBS task is to buy presents for speakers.

Your question should now be: how can I add value? What would make that present unforgettable? This will help you in approaching the task creatively.

See, you are thinking about details now.

I have to admit I was the least detail person you will ever meet in your life. Such technique has allowed me to:

– identify the details of a given event

– make those details unforgettable

At the end of the day what you are managing is a sum of details. Never forget that.

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