WedTech to Find an Ideal Wedding Venue

First of all it’s not easy to find the ideal location and venue which meets all your requirements and budget. Secondly it’s not easy to get all the necessary information needed for your decision making.

There are so many variables that you need to consider when selecting an ideal wedding reception space like location, budget, style, capacity, final pricing, and so on. And with the infinite number of wedding venues available finding an ideal wedding venue is such a stress! Luckily there are various WedTech services that allow a wedding planner or a couple to search venues online and save precious time.

Meet 5 awesome WedTech platforms that can help you to find, compare and select an ideal wedding venue!

The Knot


Needless to say the Knot is one of the greatest WedTech advocates providing couples with an endless number of online services. One of them is a wedding venue search. The venues can be searched by the following categories:
– Distance
– Guest Capacity
– Price Range
– Settings
– Venue Amenities
– Wedding Categories
– Affiliations
– Awards received by the Venue

This platform has a simple and beautiful design. You can request a quote directly from the Knot platform. When you click the “Request Quote” button you will only need to fill out your contact details. There will be a text message ready to be sent saying “Hi! I found you on The Knot and would love more information on your services and pricing.” A little but nice touch.

You can read reviews from real weddings which were organized in the selected venue and see how other couples used this venue in their own weddings.

The Knot provides a great venue finding platform to find an ideal wedding venue.



WeddingWire has been connecting wedding businesses with engaged couples and wedding planners since 2007. It has a large amount of venues listed so if you are looking for an ideal wedding venue you must definitely try this WedTech. The venues are primarily US based venues but some international venues are also listed.

This WedTech makes venue searching an easy and smooth process. Every venue has its own profile that shows Q&As, reviews, pictures and map. In other words everything you might need to know before contacting the venues directly and moving forward.

This awesome WedTech helps you to search, compare and select a wedding venues with one breath. Search by type of a venue, your wedding event, setting, maximum capacity and geo location. Couples can read real reviews from real weddings by real newlyweds! Venues can be rated by quality of service, responsiveness, professionalism, value and flexibility – useful information when booking a venue.

WeddingWire is also a platform that helps wedding vendors, for example venues and wedding planners, to manage and grow their business. This WedTech can streamline billing and sales tasks and is highly recommended for wedding vendors!

When I was researching this WedTech service I thought “Wow it is a Trip Advisor for the Wedding Industry! ” I especially loved the compare feature because this is what makes your brain work like crazy when trying to compare all the venue finalist in your mind, isn’t it?

Try it and you will love it. For sure.

Carats & Cake

carats & Cake

This astonishing platform was launched in 2013. Carats & Cake is WedTech to hire different local wedding vendors, including wedding venues.

You can browse real wedding stories by location and then see all the vendors who were involved in the wedding by category. You can contact all the listed vendors directly from the website.

Wedding planners can create a profile and upload their portfolio with the latest wedding works. You can add video and pictures.

Users can like and not like the venues. And that’s ok. That’s why Carats & Cake allows its users to evaluate venues with hearts (if they liked it) and broken hearts (if they didn’t like it). Want to know the details of a real wedding? No problem, you can have them! Starting from what dress the bride wore to who was the DJ.

With Carats & Cake future brides and grooms as well as wedding planners can easily search and find venue vendors based in the US and internationally.

Rated Wedding


The aim of Rated Weddings is to connect wedding businesses with brides and grooms.

Rated weddings is a WedTech service that targets both wedding couples and wedding businesses. It’s free to sign up for couples to use. Wedding businesses can get listed and can create their own account on Rated Weddings for a small fee. Wedding businesses can get rated by real couples. As a venue provider or other wedding business you can create your own customizable profile with a unique link. Besides that Rated Weddings will allow you to schedule your tweets directly via their platform, add your events, upload pictures and display contact details.

Once signed up, you will have access to free wedding planning tools like a budget tracker, guest list and to do list, message app to email suppliers directly and many more.

The search engine of this WedTech is very simple and intuitive. Venue profile shows you the venue description, available deals, news and events as well as reviews of other users. Venues can be sorted by distance, number of reviews, top rated and budget.

If you are looking for an an ideal wedding venue in the UK or US Rated Wedding is definitely a must try for you.

Wedding Spot


Launched in late August 2013, Wedding Spot was created to help engaged couples and wedding planners to search, compare and book different wedding venues in the US.

Wedding Spot has an intuitive, easy to use design that allows you to get quotes for selected venues. One of the most important features is that Wedding Spot allows a user to price a venue quite accurately. For example, it allows you to select which day of the week and season you plan to organize the event.

You can also select what services you want to use and how many hours you may need the venue for. All these small pre-steps can save you lots of time! You can also select which items you may need for the reception and type of the menu, type of beverage, bar service etc. Once you have selected the desired options the platform will send the estimates to your email. At that point you can also request an appointment.

Wedding Spot allows you to break down venue pricing into smaller components and build the estimate according to your unique needs. The platform is just great, awesome in fact! However, it is good to remember that to confirm the price and book the venue you will need to book an appointment with the venue and go onsite.

In Conclusion

Finding the perfect venue can be a daunting and time zapping task.Today we’ve discovered the brightest WedTech warriors who are re-inventing the wedding industry and helping engaged couples and wedding planners to find and book their ideal wedding venue.

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