Using Multiple Levels For Maximum Exhibition Stand Impact: 11 Examples

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Be memorable and make maximum impact at an exhibition by using different heights and levels to your advantage. The secret to exhibition or trade show booths is to stand out in the highly competitive, high potential environment and using different levels can allow you to literally tower over the competition.

Using all the space you have been given to build upwards as well as this increases the chances of reaching your audience and makes a big impact too. A multi-level booth can be a variety of different things from double heights, different floors, incorporating the venue ceiling, using the space above your stand or even creating lower levels at your booth to make the others look larger.

Here are some intricate and interesting ways to add a further dimension to exhibition booths by incorporating new levels to the stand, plus some implementation tips too. If you are an exhibition organizer share these examples with your exhibitors and if you exhibit yourself use these ideas for inspiration.   


  1. LED Chandelier

Lighting effects such as this LED chandelier can be more noticeable, particularly if they change color, because they catch the corner of your eye. This booth makes use of a variety of multi-level ideas by having a seating area, double height backdrop and ceiling décor, all of which are branded with the company logo, colors and message. Having seating areas also makes the booth look bigger as people visit and sit, taking up less height space and allowing the stand to loom, plus the large backdrop has been used for both digital and printed displays to sell the products and business at the exhibition giving it more of a functional purpose.

Credit:  ComUnit

  1. Floating walls

Enclosed stands can give an element of secrecy which will appeal to some attendees but for others, it can be a turnoff, this idea is a multi-level halfway house. The hanging box signs have their own rigging in this large exhibition venue and give an enclosed but welcoming atmosphere as it boxes in the open air above and leaves attendees free to walk in and out of the booth area. The branding and signage are also on different box dimensions so that you can see or read it from all angles as you move past and is in keeping with the rest of the stand.

Credit: Bryan Marriott, Expose Designs

  1. Tree House

The more interesting you make your exhibition stand, as well as the different spaces you use, the longer you are going to retain attendees. Not only because it takes them longer to physically walk through it but because there are more opportunities for immersive engagement to make an impression. This exhibition stand allows attendees to venture upstairs to different rooms and lounges where the exhibitor is showcasing their products in action which not only creates a unique way of making their experience memorable but also allows attendees to resonate with the display and consider the products for their everyday lives. The upper deck is designed in a similar way to a tree house (and featuring an actual tree!) which could be accessed from different sides of the stand to allow for a lot of attendees at once.

  1. Balloons

Although not your average helium balloon, this large branded version definitely makes a statement and is a cost-effective branding idea to use different levels of your stand without unnecessary building. While this inflatable is in keeping with brand colors, you could make yours colorful or in the shape of the company logo or mascot to draw more attention. Other inflatable ideas could be those that are animated and move above your booth ceiling.

Credit: Bloon

  1. Shipping Containers

If you have a lot of space to work with then this can be a diverse and adaptable idea that are fairly self-contained (although tricky to initially set-up.) It’s particularly useful if you are a company trying to showcase a variety of different products or services at once because the modular design lends itself to different unique spaces that you can use and certain areas can be adapted with glass walls or walkways. This giant unit is actually connected and forms two levels that are accessible from within to allow you a vast showcasing space.

Credit: Boulyguy, BudeContainerizedSolutions

  1. Modular Light Up

If you are looking for some wow factor then incorporating the lighting into your framework could be the way to go. This modular idea allows you to change colors throughout the event to accommodate certain moods or if you are looking to just catch an attendee’s eye. It is highly adaptable and the way it is built means you can create interesting or different shapes to suit the space or your needs. This double height booth also have the signage front and centre so that it is illuminated for all to see.

  1. Big Ship

Themes can work well with exhibition or trade show booths, particularly those that relate to business projects, concepts or ideas. This multi-level stand was designed for a real estate developer who wanted to introduce one of their latest projects called “Colors of Venice” which is where the boat idea came from. The stand’s base is sandy and blue themed while the boat looks like it will sail off. The attendees can climb up on top or go into the decks to look at models of the upcoming project more closely.

Credit: Trace

  1. Cardboard Interlocking

This fascinating stand is made from interlocking cardboard segments from the furniture inside to the outer stand itself and is a simple way to add height and dimensions to your booth. The printed board is simple and effective and this buildable idea could be adapted to suit different dimensions or extra supported height if necessary, although it probably wouldn’t suit walkable areas. That being said, it would be particularly popular for brands or exhibitions with a sustainability or eco focus and once dismantled, some of it could be used again for future event furniture or quirky seating ideas.

Awesome modular design for @worldbulkwine

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Credit: Cartonlab

  1. Overhanging Roof

For bold statements and big budgets then high custom builds can be an excellent integration for your stand design. This overhanging roof looks professional and extends the branding and colors to create more of an enclosed space for an immersive attendee experience. The accessibility of this booth combined with the bold design choices and the use of high levels to actually create more of an intimate setting is definitely successful.

Credit: KOPexpo

  1. Big Billboards

If you are looking for something more traditional, giant billboards are the way to go because they can be simple but effective. This interesting booth mixes things up with their signage and levels by having branded barriers, temporary canopies and then the large billboards, appealing to attendees in a variety of different ways as they look and interact with the stand. Plus, in this instance the branding and colour schemes are uniformly on point.

Credit: Skyline Xtreme Xhibits

  1. Faux Vinyard

At the Vine expo, this booth design incorporated the vineyard element to their wine-related booth and created these crosshatch plants on the structure above attendee’s heads. They incorporated their own signage in between but tied the high décor with the low living wall and printed wall designs which were then accentuated by the lighting too. Even though it is at a high level, this idea gives the same intimate feel of visiting a real vineyard and walking between the trees.

Really liked the #tradeshow show booth for #germany @vinexpo

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Credit: Trade Show Explorer, Vineexpo

Things To Consider With Multi-Level Expo Stands:

Venue Space – This should go without saying but the size of the venue will impact the amount of levels and upward space that you are able to use. However, a venue that is too large can also be an issue for multi-levels because if you are suspending levels from the ceiling you need to consider the drop height or the fact you may need to build your own rigging which can be expensive and time consuming. Everything needs to be checked with the venue/show organizer. Built stands will be subject to greater planning scrutiny and sign off too to ensure all health and safety elements are met, as per the country/region the show takes place.   

Construction Time – The more intricate your exhibition stand is, the longer it is going to take to build and those with multi-level booths need to add on further extra time to create them.  

Lounge Logistics – If your upper level accommodates attendees then you need to ensure that it is sturdy and safe with protected access such as rails and closed staircases, particularly in the event that children will be present. You also need to consider if you are going to be excluding or isolating certain attendees who may not be able to use stairs or steps, so think about your demographic and ensure that you are getting the full message to them without the upper level or come up with a workable alternative. Additionally, you need to fill in the proper paperwork that shows attendee limits and that proper building protocols have been put in place, particularly for upstairs lounge areas at the stand.

Branding & Signage – Tell attendees what to expect before they arrive at your booth, the different levels have caught their attention so now you need to use it by incorporating it into your branding and signage whether that is through logos or images and quotes.

In Conclusion

Different levels make your exhibition stands more diverse and allow attendees to be drawn in, whether it’s something simple like décor or giant custom builds, multi-level booths give guests more to look at and are often more inviting. Just remember to consider the logistics when coming up with a design or concept so that you don’t accidentally isolate attendees or cause a health and safety issue.