7 Techy Ways to Entertain and Engage your Audience

Technology plays an integral role within today’s event industry.  Every event now uses technology in the form of event apps, event websites, digital signage, presentation graphics, digital check in and more!  Technology can be used, not only to save time and paper, but to engage and connect audiences and really personalise an event.


Technology is a key factor within events as it helps to improve and streamline the experience for attendees, as well as encourage interaction.  The result is that forward thinking event planners are now using digital alternatives to push boundaries, personalize events and create unique experiences.

Here, we look at ways to capture audiences’ imaginations and interaction at events through the use of technology.

Create a Buzz and Plenty of Publicity

Start as you mean to go on at your event, by starting off with a bespoke wow factor experience as delegates arrive.  Most event planners have heard of video mapping, even if they haven’t yet used it themselves at an event.  Building projection video mapping has been used to amazing effect at product launches and by high profile brands to attract widespread publicity and make a real impact.

Using custom designed graphics and new technologies, this form of video mapping projects images on to structures or buildings with amazing effect.

Display Logos and Wow Attendees

Corporate or event logos need to be displayed somewhere, but who’s to say that you need to stick to traditional banners, backdrops or gimmicks?  A stunning and creative way of displaying logos and names at an event is through the use of water, light and , of course, technology.

An information waterfall uses solenoid valves placed across the top of a huge metal structure to release water droplets in a particular pattern that spells out a word or creates an image.  The whole thing uses a special computer programme to customise the experience, as well as lighting to complete the effect.

Digital Ice Breakers

Technology can play its part after guests’ arrivals or during drinks receptions to help break the ice and set the mood.  Digital Caricaturists are a modern take on the traditional paper and pen caricaturists and a great way to get guests mixing and mingling.

Digital caricaturists can instantly upload pictures, email or even print them out for attendees.  They can also be customised to include logos or a particular event theme.

Engage and Interact with Speakers

Technology is already used to help engage audiences during speaker presentations.  Alternative ways that tablet devices can be used during talks to improve the experience include using devices to ask questions during the presentation, which will encourage an audience to participate.

Include an assistant, sat near the stage, who can scroll through questions and comments in real time so they can broach important topics during the event.  Or perhaps a giant digital graffiti wall on stage for attendees to create and generate ideas and questions during the Q&A section.

Personal Edible Treats

A new creation which is taking events by storm is the Ice Pop Generator which is opening up a whole new world of personalised food and beverages.  Harnessing new technologies, customised ice lollies can now be created by a new machine and can include faces, logos and more.  The Ice Pop sticks themselves can even include personalised messages!

This is a concept to inspire, amaze and engage attendees as they can watch the icy treats being created.

Interactive Musical Entertainment

Another unique, technological concept is Stanley the Piano.  A 21st Century digitally enhanced musical instrument that has the ability to play songs requested by attendees via social media.  With a special ‘Stanley Team’ behind the scenes, this option offers a fully interactive musical experience for guests.  This is musical entertainment like no other.

The full option can also include a live screen to display messages and tweets for audiences, so that they can really be a part of the experience.

To dance the night away

Ipad bands are the new, ingenious way of using technology to party the night away!  Professional ipad bands are emerging as the demand for event entertainment that can incorporate technology to create a complete digital event experience.

A range of instruments and sounds can be created by ipad bands to suit event themes and requirements, as well as performing a variety of musical genres.  A great option for events with limited space!

In Conclusion

Technology is here to stay, so finding unique and innovative ways of incorporating digital alternatives in to events to improve experiences and push boundaries is one of the tasks facing today’s event planners.

With rapidly evolving technologies, event planners need to stay connected and informed on industry trends and new innovations in order to offer cutting edge events and experiences that will feel fresh, whilst wowing audiences.