Step Up a Gear #Eventprofs – Inspiration from Cool Car Launches

With more than 1 million people recently attending the annual New York International Auto Show it seemed only fitting to look at ‘wow factor’ ways to launch a new car. The motor show, one of the most important automotive events in the world, saw various car manufacturers’ début new models, from BMW and Chevrolet to Cadillac and Hyundai. Car reveals are a big deal to manufacturers and getting it right can mean the difference between the world’s motor press and potential customers talking about it or the vehicle going unnoticed.


Unique entertainment concepts and exciting press stunts can mean the difference between a car becoming the next must-have vehicle, or being an epic fail financially. There is huge competition for Event Planners vying to be involved with the next big car reveal, so you need to be equipped with ideas that will stand out from the crowd and get noticed!

Hitting the Headlines

Why do car companies go all out when they release a new model? Simple, they want the world to know about it. So they are increasingly looking at pushing the boundaries and demanding BIG ideas that will attract BIG attention for their event.

Fiat hit the headlines in January when their car reveal event left the audience amazed. More than 1,000 invited guests at the Copper Box Arena in London watched in stunned silence as the magician Dynamo made the car seemingly appear from a 3D light blueprint.

Meanwhile, Jaguar recently launched its latest model with a world first; a car tightrope stunt across water in the middle of London, before its official début at the New York International Auto Show.

Judging by these most recent examples of over-the-top high profile car reveals, the bar is set high for future launches.

So what new concepts can Event Planners present that haven’t been tried yet?

WOW Factor Car Reveal Concepts

A Virtual Experience

With virtual reality set to be big this year, thanks to the technology’s falling costs, how about giving guests the chance to drive the latest model without leaving the room? A virtual car launch could give attending press and VIPs the chance to experience what it’s like to sit and drive the vehicle. A unique experience for car launch attendees!

Make a Splash

Event Planners looking to create a car reveal like no other can look to new water screen holographic technology. Used by Ralph Lauren last year to launch the new Womenswear Polo line in New York, the concept uses a screen of water that can be projected on to using holographic technology resulting in a spectacular visual 4D show. Never before used to for an international car reveal, this concept is sure to be a headline grabber, as well as turning heads!

Interactive Launches

Staying with the theme of technology, how about employing interactive video mapping to wow audiences?  Car launch aficionados will already know that projection mapping has been used by an array of car manufacturers to launch vehicles through making the latest models come alive on the ground, or by projecting them on to the side of buildings. But how about making the vehicle completely interactive for audiences, so that when they are touched they can change colour or accessories can be altered or added to give those present a way of interacting with the vehicle. After all, events these days are all about immersive, interactive experiences.

Flying High

Event Planners can take car launches to dizzying new heights with a unique vertical aerial show that can suspend vehicles from the side of buildings whilst aerial performers interact with it. Imagine the gasps of amazement from below as the car comes to life thanks to projection video mapping! A sure fire way to get plenty of the right attention.

aerial video mapping 2

Creative Body Work

Used by Fiat in one of their ad campaigns, a car was created using lots of performers and a very talented American body painter. But imagine taking the idea further and creating a show, with painted performers coming together to create a new car model before being pulled off the vehicle and flying through the air with the use of harnesses and winches. A unique idea that is guaranteed to impress even the most seasoned motor journalist and car launch attendee.

The Top Gear

For those that are lucky enough to work with an unlimited budget, then getting celebrities on board for a car reveal is a sure fire way of turning heads and getting plenty of press coverage. Take Jaguar who, last September, staged one of the most expensive car reveals to date and had a plethora of A-listers willing to take part in the extravagant event, which began with the vehicle being flown in by helicopter and culminated in singer-songwriter Emeli Sandé penning a track especially for the launch. When it comes to launches, Jaguar events are always a roaring success!

aerial car mapping

In Conclusion

To get noticed in the world of cars, you need to be heard and that means making an impact when a new model is launched. Event Planners need to ensure that a car reveal captures the imagination of the audience, VIP guests and the world’s press through the use of innovation and creativity. Incorporating technology is a must these days, especially if you want to create an interactive and immersive experience for those present. Or failing that, a great press stunt and the odd celebrity or two definitely wouldn’t do any harm!