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Social Media Best Practices

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A quick article we posted some time ago on social media best practices. This was written when social media was still new.

Photo by: Jeff Milnere

A bit off topic, but I’ve been tagged by Dan Thorthon with a writing project about finding the best practices in social media. The project was started by Mitch Joel at Six Pixels of Separation.

It is obviously very intriguing, therefore I’ll give my effort.

I loved Dino‘s reply, as well as the one of the almighty Chris Brogan.

Social Media Best Practices

Be Real

Do not talk like advertising

Engage with people in the same fashion you would at a conference or next to a buffet.

Be Opinionated

Try to avoid all the rethorics and just go right to the point, possibly displaying an opinion. Giving other’s opinion is a good thing, it will help your linking strategy, but try to have your view and make sure that everyone around know what you are about.

Be Personal

Within your community start talking by using first names and avoid using “Dear reader”.

Be Protective

Protect your audience, get rid of spammers and naggers

Now the fun part. I am tagging Alina, Cece, Andrew, Rob and Vero