Six Ways to Work with Your Venue for Event Promotion

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When it comes to planning an event, there are a lot of moving pieces. Above all, though, the success of your event hinges on one very important factor: getting people to show up.

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With so many items on your to-do list, event promotion can become incredibly time consuming. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. While you’re focusing on sponsors, keynotes, and logistics, your venue can think about audiences, media, and marketing. While you’re focused on the details, they’re focused on getting delegates through the door. Their dedicated PR and marketing team spends every day thinking about how to attract visitors to their venue and city, and their knowledge and resources can be just what you need to attract delegates, talent, and suppliers, both near and far.

Here are six reasons you should work with your venue to help promote your event.


Launch your Event with a Partner

When it’s time to share the details of your upcoming event, your venue has a vested interest in helping you to build excitement and encourage attendees to register. Take advantage of the assets and support your venue can offer. From video footage and photos of the venue and destination to fully developed PowerPoints and presentations, they can provide you with the right tools to make your help make event launch interesting and engaging.

When it comes to generating local buzz, a launch event at your venue gives local media, partners, and suppliers an opportunity to hear all about the industry, experts, and delegates your event will bring to the city. Local audiences love knowing you’ve chosen to be a part of their community—it makes them feel more connected to your event. A local launch event is a chance to leverage your venue’s social channels and contacts to kick-off your event promotion.

Gain Access to a Local Media Network

Work with your venue for event promotion

As an event planner, you have great connections throughout the industry. But in a new city or town, in which you may not reside, sometimes forging media relationships can be a challenge. Your venue is likely at the heart of your event’s host community, which means their PR and marketing team is regularly engaging with local media and creating relationships that you can take advantage of. The media landscape is always changing, and with reporters regularly moving on from one publication to another, it can be a lot to stay on top of. Your venue keeps tabs on who goes where, which reporters are likely to cover your event, and how they like to be reached. They can work with you to formulate your pitch to generate the highest level of interest.

Reach Local Industry Professionals

Work with your venue for event promotion

Your venue’s local partnerships go beyond media, too. Academic, medical, science, or athletics—whatever your event’s topic, industry, or area of focus, your venue can help you to build a network of professionals and potential delegates in the host city to grow your event’s reach. Looking to secure a local Chair or build your local committee? Tap into the industry connections your venue has made, and ask them for recommendations or direction. Those same people can increase your event attendance by sharing information with their network of industry professionals.

Leverage Their Digital Channels

Work with your venue for event promotion

Your event’s social channels and website are important ways to engage with potential attendees online to promote your event, build excitement, and share logistics and key information. Your venue likely has established digital platforms that you can take advantage of. Work with your venue team to provide content they can share on their website, blog, email lists, and social channels. While your online followers are highly targeted to your event’s topic or focus, your venue’s channels provide an opportunity to reach an audience you might not otherwise have access to.

Beyond social media, take advantage of your venue’s technology and digital signage. With event and conference attendees moving through the building regularly, promoting your event on your venue’s digital signage is a great way to reach many sets of eyes with minimal investment.

Get a Fresh Perspective

Work with your venue for event promotion

As an event planner, it’s your job to think about the attendees and their experience. As you engage with partners and stakeholders, manage event logistics, and focus on the little details, your venue’s PR and marketing team offers a fresh set of eyes that can focus on event promotion. Whether they’re a body to bounce ideas off of, or a fully-integrated promotional partner, they have the skills and resources to grow your conference reach. They’ve worked many events and understand different target audiences.

In Conclusion

As an event planner, you have a lot on your plate. And promotion is important to your event’s success. From early meetings, ask how your venue can support you with your marketing and promotion efforts; the right venue will be your partner in promotion, providing proactive counsel and demonstrating enthusiasm from day one. By selecting the right venue, you not only gain access to a partner in menu planning, itinerary building, and event setup—you secure a partner in marketing, promotion, and media relations, too.