Event Management

The caviar of event managers

Photo by: el copilot

Negative Feedback.

Very tough to find, very hard to accept.

Without negative feedback I think I would have been a complete uncompetent.

If I have to think back at my education as well, I still remember those lecturers who had the ability to let you understand what exactly you did wrong.

My idea is that too many times we run away from feedback specially if it’s negative, possibly because we already know we have done something wrong.

The cathartic effect of having a customer telling you: “I did not like that” is our caviar today. Very scarce, hard to find and very expensive.

Please consider that it is a fact that when you are angry or not happy and you let someone know, it is because you care.

My suggestion is to open up our ears and enjoy our caviar next time someone shows up complaining.