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Time for our monthly roundup of the best articles on your favourite event blog.

September was a very thoughtful month. This month some of the most popular articles we’ve covered include the emotional value of events, event ROI, post-event depression and how to battle it, fitness and health tips for stressed #Eventprofs and finally event volunteers.

All of these articles can help you to hone your event planning skills and become an even better event professional.

The blab talk will take place tomorrow 6 of October at 5pm BST. Join in via this link to discuss the best posts of the month!

If you were busy planning your next event, here is what you’ve missed…


The Best Posts of September 2015

1. 5 Ways to Battle Post-Event Depression: Life After An Event

Each year, event planning is consistently rated as one of the most stressful jobs. It is common to feel depressed following the close of a big event project (yes – you are not alone). The must read of this autumn, this post was about how to overcome this awful feeling.

2. 10 Simple Health and Fitness Tips for #Eventprofs

It goes without saying that in order to be happy and successful event professionals should maintain proper health and fitness. In this super popular article we disclose 10 simple but yet super effective health tips for #Eventprofs. Worthy reading!

3. 4 Criteria to Measure Event Emotional Value

The ability to create meaningful experiences that create personal emotional value becomes more and more important to event planners. In this article we discovered 4 criteria to measure this emotional value.

4. Making it Count: Adding Value Through Events

As #Eventprofs you have to add value, but you also need to demonstrate that you added value and you have to prove that what you did added value. This is not always an easy task. This popular post will help you to prove there’s no more effective form of marketing than live events.

5. How to Find Superstar Volunteers For Your Next Event

Many events need the assistance of volunteers. This useful post focuses on recruiting and retaining excellent event volunteers.


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