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Time for our monthly roundup of the hottest articles on your favourite event blog.

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Today for the first time we are going to discuss some of these articles on Blab (September 2 at 4.30pm GMT/6.30pm BST). Check us out here. I will be joined by Becki Cross who will share tips on surviving long event days.

August was a great month! It brought lots of valuable knowledge for #Eventprofs covering time management tips, event greatness, serious entertainment and after event tasks.

If you had a hectic schedule this month, here is what you missed…

The Best Posts in August 2015

1. The Survival Guide for Long Live Event Days

The hit of the month this post contains the survival guide for all hardworking #Eventprofs! Learn how you can make it through the long live event with a smile on your face.

2. Time Management Tips For #Eventprofs

We all want be effective and productive, especially if you are an event planner. In this article we explored 6 great time management tips specially for #Eventprofs. Hope you will make most of it.

3. How to Go From a Good to a Great Event!

This super popular post is packed with tips that can help you to take your own event from just good to great!  See if any make a difference, and if one does, then try another!

4. No Rest for #Eventprofs: 8 Essential Things to Do After Your Event

We’ve covered many times what #Eventprofs need to do in order to prepare and implement a successful event. But the truth is an event planner’s work is not done when the last attendee has left the building. Learn what critical tasks need to be completed after the event.

5. 5 Creative Ways to Entertain a Serious Audience

Are you planning events for serious audience? There many ways you can mix things up to to bring some life into your audiences. The task is not an easy one and requires lots of work but try some of the creative ideas and surely one will turn them on!

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