Mel Fiondella

Mel Fiondella is the CCO of Interactive Imagination. Mel is responsible for business development and strategy of the company, decisions regarding marketing, sales, product development, and customer service to drive business growth. Also a very passionate evangelist of what can be achieved through immersive and interactive technologies, making the impossible-possible. Based at Elstree Film Studios, the home of Star Wars, we are very nice people that like to do interesting cool work with other nice people! We’re creative thinking problem-solvers serving events, retail, corporate, visitor attractions, and museums. We have creativity at heart and precision in our delivery, driven by creating human connection and shared experiences. We build worlds that tell extraordinary stories and create spell-binding moments by taking the technologies to another level.

Our main areas of focus combine kinetic motion, AR/MR/XR, advanced visualisations, holograms, telepresence, and high fidelity display technologies with automatic speech recognition (ASR) AI and natural language processing (NLP) for Immersive spaces.

We have a successful track record working in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Recent awards include by Museums + Heritage for Best use of Digital International for our work at Archipelago Museum in Denmark: a novel concept to create an ‘amazing’ focal point kinetic model for the entrance of their new exhibition building.

And in the USA working with Steven Spielberg Shoah Foundation for Illinoi and Dallas Holocaust museum creating a large holographic theatre experience nominated Smithsonian Magazine one of the top 10 immersive visitor attraction in the world.

And after all is said and done our business is Transformation!