David Nussbaum

David is an award-winning writer and producer who founded Proto Inc. after 20 years in the entertainment industry, having spent time in sports radio, television, podcasting and live events, including major pop culture moments involving arena-sized holograms.

Proto has brought futuristic technology into the present–beaming people across the globe as interactive, volumetric, 4K holograms. Proto has created experiential hologram events with Disney, HBO, Netflix, AT&T, Chase Bank, T-Mobile, DHL, KIA, Diageo, IWC and the NFL.  It is also being used by execs and artist to beam worldwide and avoid the risks, expenses and carbon damage of business travel. Major events have included Super Bowl parties, Art Basel Miami, the NCAA Final Four, and the U.S. and Australian Opens.

Already in 2022, Proto has appeared on the Today Show, the Ellen Show, won 3 honors from CES, the top prize for “Connecting People” at SXSW, and been named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative list. David’s vision for Proto is to facilitate communication that adds the emotional element that previous virtual methods lack. He wants to see a Proto in every home, streaming world class interactive hologram content and connecting people across every kind of divide.