Organize your (Christmas) Party with Facebook Apps

Following the success of “Organize your (Christmas) party with Google services” and the direct suggestion of our readers, here’s how you can throw your next (Xmas) party with Facebook.

1. Get a Facebook account here

2. Invite your friends to join

It is likely that they (and you) already have an account but just in case let them know you’re on.

3. Add apps to Facebook

Your party will be managed through Facebook Apps. Follow this link to see how you add apps.

4. Define your Party

You can use several apps to decide what your part is going to look like. We liked:

Party On is the base of your party. You can manage all the decisions regarding theme, templates for invitations, guests, RSVP’s, location, date and time.

5. Manage tasks with Party Planner

Party Planner makes it the greatest event ever by creating tasks and sharing them with your friends.

How it works

1. Create tasks in Party Planner for that event
2. Invite your party guests to use Party Planner. You can either assign them tasks or they can volunteer for them

6. Manage party’s expenses with My Expenses by Zoho

This app from the famous expenses tracker Zoho lets you easily manage income (should you have one) and expenses quite easily. Add items and their costs and share them with your friends.

7. Poll the menu with Xat Poll

Xat Polls allows you to easily create polls. Choose six possible menus (Vegetarian, fish, meat, BBQ, Asian, Italian, etc.) and ask them which one they prefer. Or you could ask what they want to drink (Spirits, Beer, Wine, etc.). You have up to ten choices and a nice 3D format.

8. Share the location of the party with Your Map Spotnation

Easy App that uses Google Maps to generate your points of interest and allows you to easily share them with your friends.

9. Make your playlist with Project Playlist

“Create custom playlists with party songs, love songs, holiday songs, your songs & more…you are the dj”.

10. Make pictures and videos and share them with Photos and Videos

The default Apps Photos and Videos allow you to upload your party photos and videos easily. If you don’t want to use them I suggest Youtube Video box for videos.