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When I started to run my own events at the tender age of 16, I was victim of that passion that still drives me today.

The characteristics that made me successful back then, are pretty much common to all those working with events:

– a continuous hunger of meeting new people

– the ability to make things happen

– the capacity to immediately establish a relationship with who is in front of you

– the lack of prejudices

Well, I can still feel that same passion burning.

Therefore I decided to involve my Linkedin network and obviously you in a networking event.

Even if you read 1/10 of my blog, you’d know it’s not gonna be like the usual boring stuff for few reasons:

– . ROI on events is as much embarrassing as selling a CD for 30£$€. There are other ways to make money other than charging the end user fro absurd ticket prices.

It’s user generated. I don’t control my events but rather empower the participants

It’s relevant. You will meet people who use Linkedin as a networking tool and you can meet valuable peers of your network

It’s informal. I plan to obtain free drinks from sponsors 🙂

I set up a Meetup for that because, after all, I don’t like to talk about things I haven’t experienced. You are more than welcome to join, participate, discuss and suggest. You can also enjoy the chance to discuss in a forum what you want to get out of the meetings and the direction of future events.

As I plan to host monthly meetings, soon enough we will have industry specific nights. If you can’t make it for the first night just join the group and I’ll keep you posted for future Meetups.

It is also a good idea to invite those people that belong to your Linkedin network and that for some reasons you havent met yet or those who answered very well to a question you asked in the Q&A section.

Linked in London Meetup