Innovative WedTech for Flawless Wedding Planning

1. AislePlanner


Aisle Planner is an online wedding planning tool and can be used not only by a seasoned wedding planner but also by a #wedbiz newbie. Actually it will be particularly helpful for a beginner to start with Aisle Planner as it can teach many essential wedding planning lessons.

What’s really important is that this gracious platform was designed by a wedding planner for wedding planners. You can tell by the way all the nuances and details of wedding planning were noted.

Aisle Planner provides you with a dashboard where you can access all your wedding projects at once. Features include:
– Customizable master calendar
– Task management and to-do lists
– Budget and invoice tracking
– Customizable project templates
– Wedding business branding
– Collaboration tool
– Design studio
– Vendors database
– Notes

Aisle Planner is very flexible in terms of planning tools so you can customize them according to your wedding needs.

One of the outstanding features is the collaboration tool which allows you to invite your planning team, clients and vendors to work together on particular parts of wedding planning such as wedding style, guest list, room layout, budget and etc. Another great feature is a design studio where you can create inspiration boards, color palettes and overall wedding design.

A vendor library tool allows wedding planners to keep all their contact in one place. Which can be very useful when you are running several weddings a year.

But enough words – go and try it yourself! I bet you will love it!

2. The Venue Report


Finding and selecting a wedding venue is one of the very first steps in the wedding planning process. Everything else comes after that. Depending on the selected venue you can start planning and visualizing the final result. Think of wedding centrepieces, rentals, food and beverage, etc. all these comes after you know where and when the magic will happen.

There are many venue selection websites but it can be really challenging to find a unique wedding space that fits perfectly with the wedding’s style and initial needs. We all want unique wedding experiences and that’s why The Venue Report got my attention.

The Venue Report is a stylish invitation based venue website and to become listed venues need to apply for it. The Venue Report reporters and selection team will then research and review the property to decide if it can be added to the list.

This platform allows industry professionals like event planners, photographers, videographers, planners, designers, travellers, and influencers alike to be independent correspondents. In other words they can submit a report on the project that they have done at a selected venue with their best tips and practices. Which means more authenticity and transparency to support your decision making.

The platform aims to focus on trusted curation, exclusivity, rich content and connects celebrators with the member venues and correspondents. It shows you a lowdown of every listed venue with lots of useful tips and facts.

It is free for celebrators and venues don’t need to pay for a basic listing either. However, The Venue Report do offer ways for venues to foster their visibility on the website.

You can browse the website without registering, however if you want to see price ranges and have access to the internal messaging tool you will need to sign up. Once registered you will be able to contact one or multiple venues in one breath and also see party favors.

It can be especially useful tool if you are planning a destination wedding! Worth exploring.

3. Wedivite


Digital invitations have been around for a while but WediVite is taking it to a whole new level. Wedivite is a digital wedding invitation platform that helps you to make your wedding and wedding planning a highly social experience! With Wedvite you can manage everything in one place via a dashboard.

This platform allows you to send wedding invitations to your guests. All invitations are customizable – you can choose from various beautiful fonts and colors. But that’s not all. When you invite your guest via Wedivite they will receive a link to your wedding page where they will be able to:

– Suggest wedding party songs
– Send you gifts via paypal
– Get directions
– Write wishes and greetings
– Check the wedding album and add pictures live

You can also share your wedding album live on big screen during the wedding.

The platform is web based which means your wedding invitees don’t need to download anything or sign up for anything to get started. However, Wedivite does provide free mobile apps.

The user experience is really intuitive which makes it even more great to use. And finally the platform is free! You only pay for extra features if you want them!

4. SpeechBooth™


Hiring a videographer for guest interviews/wishes can be very pricey. Especially if you want to give an opportunity to speak to all of your guests. Speechbooth’s founders realised that and designed a new cool way to record wishes and greetings from wedding guests at weddings.

You can be really creative with it. Here are just some of the ideas for how it can be used:
– As a video guest book
– As song messages
– To addmessages for the future
– As a part of wedding fun/game

This wedtech tool can literally transform your wedding guests into independent reporters! It’s completely self-sufficient video booth that require a minimum setup time and skills to use. One video booth like that can accommodate up to 300 guests.

You can simply order it up to 30 days prior your event and receive it in a box on the week of the wedding. It also can be customized and lasts 6 hours on it’s own so it doesn’t have to be plugged in all the time.

One of the best components is that your videos will be professionally edited once you return the camera back and you will receive the final product via personal online account! Smart and easy. It can be customized with your wedding/event name and welcome text. Easy breezy.

5. LadyMarry


Ladymarry is an online virtual wedding planner with a very detailed and easy user experience. It helps couples and wedding planners to find wedding ideas, match vendors and keep wedding planning organized in one single place.

The platform allows you to get a customized wedding checklist, take notes and invite other parties to collaborate on the wedding planning. It is very visual and easy to navigate. LadyMarry also allows you to make a request for a quote if you need to find a vendor for a specific service.

Once you are logged in to the platform it will automatically fill out a project’s timeline for you with all necessary tasks and steps you need to take. Of course you can customize it and add your own steps, categories and tasks.

The platform has 3 main features:
– Checklist: to track tasks and see deadlines
– Organizer: to track budget, vendors and make notes
– Planner: to get professional advice from seasoned virtual helper LadyMarry

The checklist can also be seen in 3 different perspectives: timeline, timetable and by category.

LadyMarry also provides you with a Check Progress feature which is very helpful in terms of seeing the whole picture.

In Conclusion

This was just a sneak peak of the WedTech Startups revolution and there are many more out there to discover. We hope you will find this round up useful and will try at least a couple of the listed wedding planning tools.

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