Event Management

How To Master Stakeholders

Skift Take

Managing stakeholders is one of the most important parts of event management. Getting it right can make the difference between a good or bad event.

As mentioned previously, the stakeholder can usually determine the good or bad of an event.

Therefore it becomes necessary for the event manager to understand dynamics and roles of different stakeholders within a particular event. Few standard tips might help in this process:

1. Understand the stakeholders of YOUR event. Every event has specific stakeholders and although the categories might be similar groups vary significantly. (Refer to the table below for different event types)

2. Understand your stakeholder’s drives. Why this particular group of people is involved in your event? What are their needs? What do they expect from the event?

3. Prioritize.
Which needs are most critical to the achievement of your event objectives. It is usually a good practice to hierarchically organize your stakeholders by influence on the event and benefit sought. Bearing in mind such needs during the event will surely help in reminding what is really important to achieve.

4. Understand the power of community. Communities are both participants and judges of an event. Understanding their power and respecting their environment could become an exceptional promotion for your next event.

A sample stakeholder list in two types of event could be drawn as follows: