Holiday Party Ideas for a Remote World

Making holiday cookies

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A globally dispersed workforce is a reality today and in-person holiday parties can be challenging for employees based in different countries across various time zones. No need to be a bah humbug — there are ways to create virtual holiday cheer. 

The holidays are a time to celebrate with colleagues but today’s dispersed workforce makes that challenging. Plus, holding an in-person holiday gathering during the busiest time of the year is not only costly, but it can be counterintuitive. Virtual holiday gatherings effectively create holiday cheer without the cost of flying in global employees and all the fees associated with throwing a party. 

“Our experiences range from $7 a person, basically the amount you would pay to treat a team member to a cup of coffee, to those that are over $100 per person,” said Lee Rubin, founder and CEO of Confetti, a platform to discover, plan, and book virtual experiences. “They bring employees together toward a common vision without spending a great deal of money which is especially important in difficult economic times.” 

Although building team camaraderie is essential all year long, it takes on added importance around the holidays. Such gatherings show employees the company cares about them. Plus, it is an opportune time for colleagues to get to know each other outside work. This can happen in a virtual setting. 

“There are all different types of companies out there. For those that don’t prioritize culture that much, if there is one time a year, they will do an event, it will be during the holiday season,” said Rubin. “Q4 is our busiest time of the year.”

She adds that although virtual team building activities are essential, they don’t replace occasional company retreats. “Even if you are fully remote, the effort should be made to get your team together in person at least once a year. We are not trying to replace in-person events. We want to be the glue that keeps teams together in between those moments.”

One of the most popular activities for this are cooking classes. It is even possible to bring a plus one to a virtual gathering. “If you are attending a cooking class in an offsite venue, odds are you will be responsible for just a portion of the meal. What is nice about virtual cooking classes is everyone has a kitchen. Plus, the experience crosses dinner off of the to-do list.” She adds that participating in such an activity in one’s home after work hours humanizes the experience, which is key in today’s world. 

What are the virtual holiday party ideas trending this year?

  • Holiday Cookie Decorating
  • Gingerbread House Making
  • Painting
  • Wine Tasting
  • Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic Mixology Classes
  • Holiday Pub Parties
  • Wreath Making 
  • Game Shows With a Charity Component 
  • Holiday-Themed Escape Quest
  • Coworker Feud

Photo credit: Anshu A / Unsplash