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The Future of Events. And Some Personal News.

Skift Take

This is my last post as Editor in Chief of EventMB. Join me for a look back and a look forward to the future of this incredible industry.

I know, it’s not the best time if you work in events. Depressing news, furloughs, layoffs. Why state the obvious? The last year sucked.

Yet there is something that always amazes me about this industry and the people that work in it. I am constantly bewildered by event professionals’ ability to fight, persist, and give back, even in the most difficult times.

At the moment of need, we have seen planners sewing masks, venues become hospitals (and then vaccination sites). We witnessed the incredible selflessness of individuals sharing on social media that it was too dangerous to attend events, even if it meant killing their careers or businesses.

I am f*’&$ing proud to be part of this industry.

I honestly did not expect to be this emotionally involved with it. When I wrote my first post on this blog in 2007, I was angry. I wanted to fight against the system and change things for the better.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still easily dragged into an argument about old ways of doing things, but I now start from a place of love.

When I started this adventure, social media was the next big thing. I leave at a time when virtual events are the next big thing (or hybrid, or whatever).

Well, make no mistake; the next big thing is our need to connect, have fun, do business, and learn. What this Coronavirus crisis demonstrated is that event professionals will be there, ready to facilitate and connect, whatever the platform.

This is the future of events. Connecting people.

When you work for 14 years on the same thing, you start wondering if it’s not time to move on. I realize this moment will probably never come as events have become part of my life.Working at Skift has been amazing and I will keep on participating in this amazing industry. Life is unpredictable and the new world we live in has pushed me into new adventures, outside of the media sphere we built here at EventMB.

As I write my last post as the one in charge of EventMB, I wanted to share a few thank you’s.

Thank you to an incredible team: my wife Carmen, Bea, Lauren, Dylan, Wei, Gianna, and all those that have worked with or wrote for us at one stage or another.

A huge thank you to Rafat Ali, founder and CEO of Skift, for giving us the peace of mind to operate last year during a storm. For allowing information to be shared freely with a community in pain.

Thanks to the incredible Skift team: Carolyn, Michael, Jason, Tom, Dennis, Sean, Cameron, Matt, Kat, Matt, Jeremy, Lisa, Jenn, Brian, Regina, Haixia, Seth, Wouter, Deb, Dani, Pam, Dawn, Lindsay, Kate, Lisa, Linda, Alison, Angie, Ernest, Jacqueline, Mike, Rachel, Joanna, Amy, Anne, Madhu, Ruthy, Lily, Ned, and Reem. I’ll hold you dear in my heart.

I feel grateful to have worked with the most exciting tech and non-tech companies in the industry. I feel blessed to have met some of the most forward-thinking CEOs and suppliers. Working with you has been an honor.

As for me, I will keep being a fan in the background and cheering for this incredible group of people.

I like to think I made my bit to help you, sometimes making mistakes, but always with respect and gratitude. Keep in touch.