Event Management

Events and Project Management Podcasts

The blogosphere is a bit unfair toward event management. My blog subject is in fact ignored by writers across the globe. When talking about podcasting the scenario gets even worse.

It’s been 3 years that I daily follow 50+ marketing, business, sales and management blogs, only once it has happened to me that I had a link to a podcast about events and tradeshows.

To me that means that there is a lot of people looking for information which is not released! Consequently a mission to spread the knowledge.

I had a look over the Internet and I managed to collect few links on events, tradeshows and a bit more on project management techniques:

Event Marketing and Management (via The Persuaders). Short interviews about the significance of the industry and few challenges.

– Interview with Ruth Stevens author of Tradeshow and Event Marketing (via B2B Lead Generation Blog). Ruth talks about some of the major issues that could be faced when dealing with tradeshows. Although she is promoting her book here, she gives out some useful tip on the matter.

– Work Breakdown Structure (via Podcast.net). How to create a WBS from a project management perspective. Very clear and concise.

– Cost Budgeting (via Podcast.net). How important is to budget correctly an event? To some this could be basic yet most of the times ignored.

Targeting (via Closing Bigger Sales). I’ve been talking about targeting previously. This podcast hepls in identifying target for better resource and time allocation.

– Stakeholders Management (via Podcast.net). The success or failure of en event it’s based purely on them. A brief analysis and outline of the impact of stakeholders