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Fancy an event in Atlanta?

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1. What cultural characteristics should one consider when planning an event in Atlanta?

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Atlanta has a wide variety of cultural opportunities which brings a wide variety of people to Atlanta to live and work but the main thing one should be prepared for is the southern hospitality. Most people you will work with or run into are polite and kind and are willing to help you with what you need. (There of course arealways exceptions)

2. What are the major opportunities of hosting a corporate event in Atlanta?

Atlanta has some of the best, newest, and updated venues such as the Georgia World Congress Center, Georgia International Convention Center, Gwinnett Center, and more than 120 more meeting places. Some of the locations such as the Georgia Aquarium and the High Museum are very fascinating and enjoyable locations for events.

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3. What barriers could one face when planning a corporate event in Atlanta ?

Most recently the biggest barrier was a tornado that swept through the city but thankfully that is not usually anything anyone has to worry about and Atlanta quickly resolved the problems that arose with that one.

In the summer it does get HOT in Atlanta – that is partly one reason it is called Hotlanta. Depending on the climate you are coming from you will also want to consider the humidity.

4. What special logistics considerations would you suggest to take into account?

If your event or activities are going to be in multiple locations make sure you have a great transportation plan. Many of the activities and locations downtown are close by but if you have to board buses or take transit you will want to watch the time of day because rush hour in the morning and evening can get very heavy, especially if there are several events taking place at the same time.

5. Three attributes one should have to plan successfully in Atlanta.

Open Minded – being able to ask questions and listen to those who know the area can lead you to a better event experience!

Experienced – use it appropriately to make sure all of your details are in place before and after and give credit to those who help you make it happen.

Courteous – being demanding never pays off

6. The day of the event your survival kit should definitely include.

A contingency plan – A back up of your schedule, contacts, etc. (non-electronic) in case something should happen to your preferred gadget. The ability to build relationships prior to your event and comfort in calling on them if you need them the day of your event. The ability to laugh and enjoy your hard work – getting frustrated will only add to any problems that arise – it’ll work out!

If you are planning on coming to Atlanta here is a link to an online press kit

7. What’s the latest trend in corporate events in Atlanta?

One of the interesting trends happening is the idea of building attendance around the destination. The ACVB tells us that “More than ever, meeting planners are requesting destinations to provide value, a unique experience and assist with generating attendance.”

Other noteworthy trends sweeping the industry include green initiatives and the implementation of social media programs (blogging, podcasting, etc.)

The trend that Creative Warehouse, Inc. / Convention Capture is building is helping planners get the most out of their event by letting us help them custom build a marketing and retention tool that keeps their event message alive while at the same time promote their next event!