Why my blog is useless…or is it?

Skift Take


When I started this blog I had clear goals in mind. I wanted to share whatever I learned when organizing events. I thought that it could have been a great resources blog for those seeking for tips, tools, templates and solutions.I had to surrender to communities. While I dove into the blogosphere I discovered new approaches, I started new conversations. Most of all, I discovered Open Space Technology, Barcamps and User Generated Conferences.

The thing is two heads are better than one and there’s no doubt about it. Therefore, I started to include other’s opinion with featured interviews. It felt better…

After that I came to a couple of conclusions:

The great thing about being open is that information is available. It is there. If you check the Barcamp wiki, you’ll probably find 75% (well maybe 80%, let’s say 85%) of the information you’ll get in an Event Management Diploma/Course/Master/Degree.

For example you might want to check:

And this is just a small portion of what you can get.

2. I am submerged of requests asking how do you get involved into the business? How do you get work experience? How can you practice?

If you get involved in a Barcamp you’ll get Event Management experience. No catering, no staffing, but you’ll be able to test yourself with managing, coordinating, work under pressure. The question here is do you want to be an event manager? If so join your local Barcamp and start contributing.

Getting back to my point, I don’t think this blog is useless as long as it contributes to the conversation. I found new motivation in sharing open contents with no ads and for free, now that seems to me like a good use.