7 Interesting Ways to Use Video For Your Next Event

1. Promotional Videos

You want your guests and potential attendees to be really excited to attend your event. Because of this, you need to show the value your event can bring to their lives or career. Video is an excellent way to increase the anticipation surrounding your event and give your guests an insider look at what they can expect to see on the day.

Try promoting the guest speakers or presenters that are being featured by asking them to submit video clips or photos to include within your promotional video. You could also highlight the venue or city you are visiting for the event. Anything that would get your guests intrigued is a great option to feature in your marketing video efforts.

2. Video Within Your Event App

Not every event has the capability of creating an app, but if you have the expanded budget, an event app is an excellent place to utilize your video content. Hosting promotional videos or informational videos within your app is a fantastic idea to be sure the videos are being viewed and utilized.

Creating videos that explain or expand upon the written content in your app, provides your audience with another way to obtain the information. Everyone has seen the same old boring (yet necessary) directions, schedule of events or venue map, but if you integrate videos it makes your content come to life and seem much more exciting.

If you don’t have an app for your event, you can still film these types of videos and share them on the web or through your social media channels.

3. Video Competition

I’ve recently attended a number of meetings that involved a video competition between the attendees. This element works really well if your event is a professional or personal event where the audience is broken down into groups or teams.

Give the guests some guidelines that include the length of video, concept or theme and anything else you require or would/would not like to see in the competition.

Ask the teams to record and submit their videos prior to the event, or give them space within the event programme, and then play them in front of the audience. This gives your guests a chance to interact and use their creativity skills. It can also be a great team building activity and always provides a good source of entertainment for the group.

4. Video Booth Recordings


While everyone has seen and done the photo booth at their event, video booths have steadily made their way into personal and professional events alike. For professional events, try using a video booth to record attendee testimonials or gather feedback. This is a new and unique way to hear from your guests as they are experiencing the event. This content can also be recycled into future promotional or marketing segments.

Weddings and personal celebrations are a popular location for the photo booth, but the video booth allows your guests to leave a personal message for the guest or guests of honor. Following the event, the client will have a nice keepsake package of video messages from friends and family in attendance.

5. Webinars or Hangouts

Depending on the size and genre of your event you could try out a pre-event webinar or hangout as a form of video content. You could ask someone prominent from the event to serve as your host, and your registered attendees or potential attendees could ask questions. You could also invite former attendees as guests on the webinar to speak about their experience and the benefits they have gained from participating in your event.

Ensure that this presentation is recorded and then opt to share it in whatever fashion you see fit, such as on social media or on your website. Perhaps this could be offered only as an exclusive benefit for a certain level of attendee, or it could possibly be hosted as an open forum to encourage potential attendees to take the plunge and sign up for your event.

6. How-To Videos


Instructional videos are short, sweet and shareable. Depending on your event you could show different demonstrations that might be taking place at your event or have your presenters or sponsors record a short snippet for guests who missed their session or display. These can also be created on a live streaming app where people all over the world can tune in and learn about your event.

As a planner, how-to videos are also a great addition to your business website. They show your potential clients the scope of the service you provide and perhaps teach them a thing or two about what goes into your work. People are always inquisitive about event planners and their exciting careers and adventures.

7. Recap Videos

The event is complete and you can finally relax! But why stop there, when you should be thinking of next year and how you can best share the amazing content you created! By taking snippets from the various videos you create, you can build it into an excellent recap video to share with your guests and promote to your future attendees.

You can also integrate a thank you message into your recap that shows appreciation for your attendees, speaker and any special guests. Showing your guests that you value their participation and attendance is key to gaining their continued support.

In Conclusion

Video content can be fairly inexpensive to create and yet it packs a big punch. You too can learn to create short, budget-friendly videos that are sure to impress, or hire someone to take on the task for you. The information above is a fantastic starting point for you to develop sharable marketing and informational video content.

Video has become a requirement that all events, businesses and planners must embrace. Try starting with some of the ideas above to get your creativity flowing and your audience more engaged.