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6 Cost-Effective Web Design Strategies for Event Planners

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If you have a basic knowledge of html, there are a number of software tools that you can use to design and maintain your website.

Recently, I have had conversations with a number of event planners who are finding it challenging to launch a website or update the look of an existing site.

You’ve probably noticed that the cost of engaging a web designer has exploded. Quotes for custom design and development range from $5000 – $12,000. Websites with all the bells can whistles can be even more expensive. This is beyond what many start-ups and small businesses can bare.

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A related issue is that some event planning firms and independent event planners still have to call their web designer every time they need even a minor website change. This can become quite costly.

Go Independent

Fortunately, there are a number of more affordable options for event planning businesses on a budget.

    1. Engage a web designer to custom design website templates including a CSS and designs for various types of pages on your site.Ask the designer to clearly identify where titles and text is to be entered and where images are to be inserted. (The designer should clearly indicate the lines and below which content should not be touched to avoid modifying the coding that governs the format and layout of each web page.)Input the content yourself or hire a student to input it. Pay the designer to double-check the design and ensure that the coding has not been disturbed.
    2. Purchase and use custom designed HTML templates.


    1. Use a cloud based web development platform with user-friendly templates that you can modify and servers on which you can host your site.– Custom event websites by event management and registration platforms are a quick solution
    2. Purchase a pre-designed WordPress theme and input your own content.
        • Fudge (for Conferences and Meetings)
        • Januas (for multiple event management)


      • Dreamweaver
      • Microsoft WebMatrix


  1. If you aren’t familiar with html, invest in yourself and develop your own web design skills.
    This is more of a long term strategy but starting HTML, Javascript and PHP training is a savvy strategy that will save you thousands of dollars. Courses are quite affordable at community colleges.

There are a number of resources that can be helpful in learning web design basics. Here are some of my favorites:

In Conclusion

Just like your business cards, your website is an essential business tool. It’s an important calling card. Boosting your knowledge of web design basics and mastering simple web tools will help you exponentially in your efforts to build your brand.

The less you have to spend on hiring experts to complete simple tasks like site updates, the more you will own and control your brand. You will also add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.