5 #WedTech Tools for Fabulous Wedding Photography

Needless to say that taking pictures at weddings has evolved dramatically over the last few years. Every guest at a wedding can now count on a powerful camera within their smartphone and hundreds more photos generated of every angle of your (or your client’s) big day.

Therefore, I am thrilled to introduce you to 5 WedTech Startups that can help making the most fabulous wedding photography ever! Here they are (in no particular order)…

1. DIY Photo Booth


Wedding photo booths are very popular and are a great way to add more fun to the wedding party but oftentimes they are quite pricey.

Meet the DIY Photo Booth. This cool #WedTech app allows anyone planning a wedding to design their very own portable wedding photo booth. It literally turns an iPad into a professional photobooth.

There are many photo booth apps on the market but this one was created specially for weddings. Setting up is fairly easy and doesn’t require any special skills and you will have a self-service photo booth station in minutes.

The DIY photo booth app provides you with a selection of beautiful pre-designed photo borders but you are free to create and add your own wedding themes too. They can look just the way you want them to. Add simple backdrop decoration and your WedBooth is ready to capture a unique wedding story.

To set it up you will need to have:
– an iPad
– an iPad keeper or a camera tripod
– WiFi
– WiFi Printer

This awesome tool also has a direct print feature which allows wedding guests to print the photos right away and have these pictures as wedding giveaways. It’s possible to print standard 6×4 photos straight from the app without any extra hassle.

In conclusion, it’s very easy to use and can be a great addition to the big day party fun. And the price is only $9.99 USD for the app!

This WedTech tool can bring any wedding photography to life! Definitely worth trying!

2. Wedpics


Lots of pictures are taken at weddings. The ugly truth is that often you and your client won’t see all the pictures taken and nobody wants to chase guests for wedding pictures afterwards – it’s just not fun.

Wedpics provides a customizable wedding app and website to help you to collect all the pictures in one place. But it can do much more than that too. You can customize some parts of the app and the website, for example to add your header picture and choose a color theme for the platform.

Once set up, you can invite guests by email, Gmail or Facebook. To start using Wedpics they will simply need to download the app and type the unique Wedding ID.

Those guests who don’t have iPhones or Androids can still join the website via desktop and upload photos from their digital cameras.

You can also push the whole wedding album to Facebook in one click. And all this fun for free!

Features include:

– Simple wedding website
– Take and share photos and videos via the app
– Add wedding address and map information
– Wedding events timeline
– Wedding registries
– Display real time slideshow
– Photo booth props
– Guest list
– Privacy

Creating a website and wedding app via Wedpics is super easy and navigating through the setup process is fun. Give it a go!

3. PixoBook

Wedding photo apps are great but what if you can’t rely solely on technology?
PixoBook is a new online service for wedding photography which aims to solve this issue with a personal touch approach to wedding photography.

PixoBook is a cool WedTech startup that searches and collects all the wedding pictures, determines the best ones, edits them and crafts a beautiful printed 7x 7 inch book. No, it’s not an app. But there is no need to hunt for wedding photos after the wedding anymore. PixoBook folks are taking the pain away!

There are many different ways wedding guests can and will share wedding pictures. What the Pixobook team do is search and collect all the pictures from social media channels with the chosen wedding hashtag. They can also contact guests personally and ask them to send all the pictures that they have but didn’t publish anywhere yet.

But after finding the pictures you’d probably want to check them through to leave only the best ones? How do you decide? This task can take an unreasonably long time. PixoBook will manage this process too so there is no need to worry about it at all. They will manually select the most charming pictures and then add a bit of magic and voilà! Everything is ready for printing.

So to recap PixoBook services include:
– Collecting wedding pictures through social media platforms and from wedding guests
– Selecting the best ones
– Editing the pictures
– Designing a custom wedding book

Price is from at $450 USD for the whole package including the wedding book. Highly recommended to review!

4. Wedding Party


With ever evolving technology privacy has become a concern at weddings.

Wedding Party is a free app and website for weddings which makes wedding pictures available only for the invited wedding guests. It’s a must have wedding app if you don’t want the wedding photos to be searchable by Google and other search engines. This way Wedding Party also gives more control of what photos are taken and shared.

Beside the photo features Wedding Party also has all features to build a simple but yet informative and wedding website. The wedding website and the app can be customized according the wedding color theme.

Once registered you will be able to invite wedding guests and give them the ID. You can either invite them all at once or manually one by one. The app also provides an invite text template.

Wedding guests can also fill out their short bio. At big weddings this feature can be really helpful and can help wedding guests to get to know each other even before the big day.

Wedding Party allows the wedding guests to capture and share pictures directly from the app. They can also tag and add the pictures to different wedding albums. Another fancy feature is the stop motion GIFs photo booth inside the app which can spice up the wedding pictures.

Wedding Party features include:

– Wedding albums
– Guest profile
– Wedding registry
– Accommodation
– Guest profiles
– Private messages with guests
– Events timeline
– Wedding Countdown
– Mobile photobooth
– Stop motion GIFs

In brief, Wedding Party is an awesome WedTech tool for wedding photography that also helps you to ensure the wedding guests are having lots of fun while you are still in control.

You will love this WedTech!

5. WedSocial


WedSocial is another superb app for wedding photography. It combines a wedding website, wedding photo sharing and a wedding app features. With WedSocial you can:

– Create a wedding website
– Capture wedding pictures
– Share event details like timing, addresses and maps
– Comment and love the taken pictures

To get started you need a unique wedding ID and then you can fill out the wedding details via the dashboard. Once everything is ready you can start inviting guests via text messages, email, and/or Facebook.

All the collected pictures can be downloaded directly from the app at any point or all at once, which saves a lot of time.

WedSocial provides different photo filters inside the mobile app that anyone can apply to create fabulous wedding photos. To collect the wedding pictures from Instagram you will need to connect your WedSocial app to your personal Instagram account and then add the wedding custom hashtag. Then the photos will be displayed in the WedSocial photostream.

To encourage wedding guests to use the app you can print wedding table place cards (prepared by WedSocial) in advance and put them on the tables so your guests will know exactly how the app works.

In Conclusion

Wedding photo sharing, capturing and collecting services is a growing WedTech trend in the wedding planning industry. These awesome #WedTech tools can help you to keep desired privacy, create a DIY wedding photo booth and collect all the wedding pictures in one place. We feel we reviewed some of the most exciting ones.

I highly recommend you give them a try and let me know what you think!

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