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34 Stunning Event Invitations

As the first point of contact with many of your attendees, invitations are important to making the right impact and setting the tone of your event. They relay important information and are an extension of the event itself, often giving away the theme and the standard of organization that has gone into it. Here are 34 stunning examples of amazing event invitations that embody their event and give the right first impression to the guests.  

1.Blue Royal Ribbon

This simple and sophisticated idea shows that a simple splash of color and ribbon could be all you need to step up a standard invite. The raised stationary also helps to give the sense of elegance and class.


Credit: Royal Perfection Events

  1. Shaped Floral Edges

Step away from the traditional and use bespoke and unique edging on your invitations so that they demand attention. This idea looks like it has been stamped from a beautiful floral scene to reveal the details on the other side.


Credit: Namine Kate

  1. Chatterbox Invites

This fantastic concept creates an interactive invitation out of a fun, childhood game and is made classy by the color scheme and font.

Credit: White Events

  1. Rustic Wedding

This embossed, rustic invitation makes use of natural themes and tones while adding some fun lettering and imagery. This logo is based on the bride and groom who then turned it into an official double sided invite, which also saves on paper too.

Credit: Natural Selection

  1. Fold Out Vintage Bloom

This pretty, vintage bloom invitation is perfect for an event with a lot of information to share with attendees because it folds out offering critical details for the day.


Credit: ETflairs: Treated with Elegance (Handcrafted by Terry & Elaine)

  1. Bowling Cut-Out

Who said that invitations have to have straight edges? Here the physical invite is cut out into bowling pins ready for a game themed evening and when added to the translucent background it’s a great low-key idea for your next informal event.


Credit: With Luv Design

  1. Marine Watercolor

Digital watercolor can create some fantastic effects that add a level of sophistication to your invite and this example combines the water theme with marine life and the results are just stunning.

Credit: Emily Baird

  1. Wooden Invitations

Try something different and change the invitation material, like these interesting custom wooden invites. These would be great for an outdoor themed event and would be a lasting momento.


Credit: Rosann Creative Limited

  1. Fabric Earth Tones

Experiment by printing on fabrics layering over paper and create unique effects like this unique invitation example is a great way to stand out and make a dynamic invite.

Credit: ECMG Creative

  1. Official Scroll

What’s more official than a scroll for a formal event? This beautiful, traditional fabric scroll would definitely turn heads and add an element of exclusivity to any event.


Photo Credit: Invites and More

  1. Tropical Collection

This invitation example the toned down tropical themes act as a border and background for this double-sided invite, which is simple yet elegant.

Credit: Paper Grace UK

  1. Cut Out Fishes

An interesting invitation idea that is definitely eye catching and allows you to hang your invite when you are done reading, meaning it is practical too and very on theme.


Credit: Emily Baird

  1. Wax Seals

Add a personal touch to your invites like these stunning hand-painted backgrounds with gold inlay and finish it off with an elegant wax seal, mimicking traditional invitations to wow your attendees!


Credit: 4lovepolkadots

  1. Calendar Invites

These fun save the date invitations help their guests to remember the date more clearly with a literal calendar on the back. These would be great for pinning on the notice board and they are more likely to get a positive response following the full invitations.  

Credit: Larissa Kay Designs

  1. Standing Antlers

Making invitations free standing is always fun and this antler invitation is no exception. With big bold colors and interesting cut-out the attendee will be excited to see what the event itself has to offer.


Credit: Patternise Studio

  1. Pop Up Invitation Favors

This interesting pop up ideas double as party favors or souvenirs and have intricate designs that create a 3D effect. This dynamic invite would definitely stand out among the guests and attendees.


Credit: Bogdan Colibrigift

  1. Rustic Paper Lace

These sweet paper lace cut out invitations create a lovely effect and actually fold open to reveal the details that you can see here so when closed they have a two tone effect.

Credit: Clay + Chewie

  1. Exhibition Products

Use your invites as a marketing opportunity to show off a product for trade shows and exhibitions like this Jewelry expo booth invitation.


Credit: Santosh Jewellers

  1. Marble And Gold

This marble effect combined with the gold foil lettering creates a sophisticated invite for any formal occasion and added to the ribbon wrap around creates a great sense of occasion for the recipient when opening.


Credit: Camilla Events

  1. Gel Pen Calligraphy

If you are looking for a low-cost option you can choose to hand write your invitations like this stunning example. The only downside is that you need calligraphy skills or fancy handwriting.


Credit: Lynn Cipollone

  1. Monopoly Wedding

This quirky and unique idea incorporates a family favorite game and event themes into the invitations to create a unique effect that will be unmissable on anyone’s notice board or calendar.


Credit: Khafio Creative Stationery

  1. Simple Floral Border

Simple, yet effective these floral border invites are pretty and easily adaptable to your event colors and are framed nicely to make it clear and easy to read for guests.


Credit: Lucy Richardson

  1. Scratch The Date

These tasteful Disney inspired invitations  add an extra flair of fun for the attendees by incorporating a scratch card to reveal the date, time and other details making your guests spend more time paying attention to what your event invitation actually says.


Credit: The Paper Doll

  1. Gold Edging

These beautifully printed invites look similar to large business cards but adds a beautiful edging twist to show that the little details are the ones that matter


Credit: Eton Graphics

  1. Lace Wraparound

This design idea helps to spruce up a traditional black and white themed design using thick lace ribbon which can be used to wrap around your invites and is easy to do yourself!


Credit: The Vintage Press

  1. Embossed Invites

These beautiful and intricate invites clearly stand out and this is partly due to the gold and white embossed overlay and interesting pull opener


Credit: New Fanda Print

  1. Queen Of Hearts

These invitations are sweet and unique for this Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party. Turning the invites into playing cards is in keeping with the event theme without being over the top!


Credit: Kimvitations

  1. Gold Monochrome

These gold monochromatic invites are simple but effective for singular color themes and take away the need for a full 4-colour print.


Credit: Wed Me Good

  1. Travel Card Trains

Turn your invitations into travel tickets like this example who turns these save the dates into London travelcards, which are small but effective.

Credit: Candy Floss Creations

  1. Eucalyptus Wreath

This design looks fresh and clean but not too simple and the added yarn and name tag tie gives it something extra to stop it looking too plain.  


Credit: Laura Reece UK

  1. Flower Fold

This intricate invitation will definitely get your guests talking with a folded flower with petals that have details on them.


Credit: Paper Florists

  1. Bow Tie Onesies

A lovely baby shower idea that is both cute and functional with the bow tie and braces stand out from the page, making it more interesting and adding an extra “pop” factor.  


Credit: Kimvitations

  1. Exploding Box

Make an impact with this exploding box idea that has plenty of space for the event details and information to the guests, while also turning into a sweet and unsuspecting box again when you’re done so it doesn’t take up too much room.


Credit: Phoebeoulous Invites

  1. Quirky Cartoons

Incorporate your theme in unique ways by adding fun cartoons or loveable creatures on your invite while keeping them adult suitable. This is a great example of a spring invite that is casual and fun but well presented.


Credit: Egg Press

In Conclusion

Step outside the box and try one of these interesting designs or ideas for your next batch of event invitations and you may find that you get a better RSVP or response. Opting for stunning invites can act as a way of enticing your attendees to come to your event and could be just the thing that intrigues them enough to turn up!