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35 Great Table Plan Ideas

For events that require a formal seating plan a table plan is essential, but just because they are functional, it doesn’t mean that they can’t pretty! Gone are the days when seating charts were just boards of paper, now they are being used to enhance the event experience while incorporating the event theme and vibe.  Whether you are looking for inspiration and ideas or just want to marvel at the ingenuity of others, here are the 35 best table plan ideas we could find.

  1. Acrylic Transparency

Go big or go home is clearly the motto for The Inviting Pear who shows off this 5 foot tall transparent acrylic seating chart with gold inlay. A great talking point and perfect if you have a larger event with lots of guests.

  1. Signposts

Let guests know which direction to go with these destination themed tables and attendee names by Michael Page on traditional signposts that you can dot around the venue allowing people to space out and adding to the décor theme.  


  1. Mirrored

Mirrors offer a beautiful backdrop for names and with the right calligraphy can be a statement piece themselves. Larger ornamental mirrors like this one from Wildflower Linen lets attendees see themselves along with their names.


  1. Periodic Table Tables

A fun and quirky way to approach the table naming and seating charts by Smashing the Glass because after all, your event has the chemistry.

  1. Diorama

Make it easier for your guests to see your vision by re-creating a mini diorama of the venue itself! Mrs Rackley shows that you can see the tables, names and even the cake and dessert table, because we all want to be able to find the sweet treats quicker.


  1. Vintage Foliage

This table plan by Fantastique London has an Alice in wonderland vibe with the vintage ornate frames set on a wall of foliage which is a great way to add uniqueness to each table.

  1. Fondue Forks

A fun and inventive seating chart idea by Rebecca Pffiffner making the guests find their fondue fork which has the individual details on each one. It’s also an awesome way of keeping track of who hasn’t arrived yet!

  1. Chalkboards

This fun seating chart idea is completely adaptable for big or small functions, as proven by this great example by Silent Word Studio – 150 guests are listed on this one.


  1. UP Theme

Sometimes you want to personalize your own seating plan to suit your favorite movie or book which is exactly what The Magical Wedding Co. did with this UP inspired seating chart.


  1. Vintage Drawers

Kyle & Mary Stoddard prove you can repurpose anything to use, like these old vintage drawers as planters holding the table information!


  1. Glassware

If you are looking for a budget friendly, quirky option for your seating plan, why not collect different sized glassware bottles and containers and use them to write the name for each table. The Reeds at Shelter Haven show they also double up as sweet vases too!

  1. Old Shutters

For a Spanish twist on your event, try adding some unique vintage décor to display your seating plan on like this one from Judith Jurado Colome.

  1. Car Bonnet

For the petrol heads, get a classic car involved, or at least part of it, and display your seating plan on the hood like this one from Rustic Weddings. You could always go to a salvage yard and see what’s available.

  1. Tabletop Repurpose

This classy seating chart from Peanut’s Gallery is chic and interesting with the flowers on it, and is upcycled from an old kitchen table! Budget friendly and unique ideas like this are a great way to spruce up what you already have and keep the costs down.

  1. Travel Plans

For travel lovers or destination themed events, name the tables after locations and pin them to a world map as part of the seating chart like this one by Tanya Colclough. If it is an international event you could even personalize it to show the varied nationalities of the attendees or the locations the event has been held in in previus years.

  1. Lego Love

Another budget friendly idea, although time consuming, that means you can make personalized figures of your guests along with where they are sitting. This fun example from Caroline Jamieson also has them holding balloons with the guest names too!


  1. Beaded Cage

This elegant cage idea surrounded with beads and pearls by Christine O Sullivan seems more intricate than it actually is and could easily be adapted to your décor and flowers for a classy seating chart example.

  1. Hangers

This cute idea is simplistic and effective and can be hung anywhere. By sprucing up old hangers and cascading the names from ribbons it provides a great seating plan idea from Elisabetta Zucchi Party.  

  1. Scrabble Boards

These scrabble board table plans are an innovative idea that are fun to make. You & Your Wedding shows here how you can intertwine the table names so they look like an actual scrabble board.

  1. Polaroids

This throwback idea by Truly Yours UK which is perfect for intimate gatherings or events not only allows guests to find where they are sitting but also creates an entertainment piece as everyone looks at the old photos which will get them chatting.

  1. Vintage Time Cards

Make use of old props like this vintage time card and typewriter idea from Ruttle and Rowe which adds a fun twist for historical party or event themes.


  1. Ice Sculpture

Incorporate your seating chart into your ice sculpture for a functional and fun idea like this one from Galgorm Resort & Spa Weddings. The choices for this are unlimited in size or design, but always remember to laminate the chart first or you’ll end up with a soggy, illegible mess on the day.

  1. Rose Display

Making the attendee names in the shape of actual flowers looks interesting against a tactile green backdrop and this sassy “Seat yo self” design by Etchey adds a fun twist.

  1. Old Scroll

You see scrolls a lot in the movies but they are a thing of the past – or not as Doves & Peacocks show here with this sophisticated design. The perfect combination of past and present for your next black tie event.

  1. Boho Chic Ladders

Make use of a ladder and the different steps, like this example by Best Events Company. You can also style it up with potted plants, lights or other décor to suit the event.


  1. Tea Lights

Tea lights are standard table décor but houseofbunting takes it one step further and turns them into their own seating plan with each guest name, table and information on the frosted glass. Allow them to take them back to their tables for mood lighting and place card combos.

  1. Manzanita Tree

These diverse trees are a beautiful option for those looking to bring some of the outdoors, inside an event. This table plan display by Pumpkin Events involves hanging cards, among other themed pieces, on the tree and allows them to blend into the other décor.


  1. Fireplace Cards

Using the room helps to avoid empty spaces in an event and this example by Kirsten Butler incorporates a stately fireplace into the seating chart focal point for beautiful results.

  1. Wine Rack

This inexpensive idea by The Green Cornwall is fun to make because it requires empty wine bottles (and the wine has got to go somewhere!) and a standard wooden wine rack. The results are chic and stunning.

  1. Hanging Hearts

This pretty table plan by Lisa Jane Teague is simple and effective for weddings or other events and could easily be changed to suit other shapes and themes. Either way it is cute and sweet, as well as fitting easily on a front table.

  1. Beauty and The Beast Inspired

With the current hype over the live-action beauty and the beast, it is no surprise that it is inspiring events and this table plan style by Kirsten Butler is a great example. Encasing each table plan in glass, just like the rose from the film makes them feel more unique.

  1. Crazy String

For those who love chaos, this table plan display is a fun talking point and activity for everyone to try for finding their seats. The Love Wedding Studio shows off this fun wooden version that is suitable for larger amounts of tables but you could adapt this to anything.

  1. Coastal

If nature or green events is the theme then this coastal idea should inspire you. Hessian & Lace show off the mobile with cascading names that are interlocked for each table.

  1. Wheelbarrow Bouquet

This outdoor rustic bouquet is a great feature piece by Everything Wedding and using the seating plan to extend the flowers helps it to use the space properly. It could also be great for downsizing on a smaller scale for indoor use!

  1. Through The Window

Repurpose an old window and use the panes to separate each table and then use calligraphy to write on the glass, it’s simple yet effective as shown here by Home Flowers & Design.

In Conclusion

As you can see, table plans don’t have to be boring and with a few original ideas and inspiration you can make them a talking point by making them interactive or incorporating props and décor to complement the event theme.