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25 Stunning Chair Covers

Ugly chairs can ruin the effect of your event, whereas spruced up seating can help make an impact. Chair covers and other decoration can transform the furniture provided by the venue and saves having to hire-in expensive, funky furniture. Here are some stunning examples and different options you can try to pimp your event seating. We bet you won’t believe how many options there are to inspire you.

  1. Pearl Reels

For chairs that don’t need much sprucing, adding small touches like these pearls can create elegant but understated effects that also take minimal time for setting up. Great if you have a large amount of chairs to cover!

Credit: Chair Cover Depot

  1. Tie Draping

These chair covers look complex with artistically created fabric draping tied together at the back. With a bit of creative tying you can create this interesting effect. Even with ivory linen this makes an impact.

Credit: Set The Mood Decor

  1. Hood Florals

These hoods are a stunning and easy way to decorate chairs. They are simple but effective and can be adapted to any colour scheme and the ruffled floral tie brings it all together nicely.

Credit: AM Flowers

  1. Simple Bows

Simple coloured bows transform simple white chair covers and creates a clean effect which can be perfectly in keeping with your event colour theme.

  1. Alternating Base Colours

To add an interesting effect you can try alternating the chair covers and then keeping the same colour sashes which is an interesting way to tie in the colour palette if you have three main colours. Also, black and white go with everything, as you can see here.


Credit: MST Events

  1. Black On Black

Make a statement with these black covers and matching sashes that show using the same colour palette for the cover and sash can still make an impact. What makes these interesting is that they stray from the normality of trying to use white covers, plus the black will show up less party stains too!

Credit: Manic Mascots

  1. Lace Hoods

These wrap around hoods are classy and sophisticated but also surprisingly easy as they are comprised of a single piece of fabric tied around the top which makes them easy to fit yourself and are a delicate touch if you have decent seating to work with from the beginning.  

Credit: Beautifully Seated

  1. Touch Of Olive

This fun idea incorporates olive branch off cuts as a beautiful alternative to complement traditional white draping. The branches are simply tied along with the linen using a ribbon and could even be taken home by those with a green thumb to grow their own tree from the cuttings.

Credit: Ange – Style Me Flowers

  1. Ruffle Knots

This tousled knots tie in perfectly with the rustic chairs and use what is already there to accentuate and compliment the event theme. Taking minimal effort these wraps are a finer detail that will definitely make an impact and be noticed by your attendees.

Credit: Beautifully Seated

  1. Elegant Ripples

The pinched, ruched effect on the sides of these chairs create an interesting texture and adds interest to give a clean, simple elegance.

Credit: Set The Mood Decor

  1. Lace Layers

Using different types of fabric is a great way to create a sophisticated feel and in this example the lace is doubled over a traditional sash to give it dimension and make it more interesting. Plus tying a box around the greenery spruces up the other décor as well!

Credit: Affinity Event Decorators

  1. Back Zips

Save the effort of tying your chair covers by opting for zip ups like this. They create a snug fit on the top and a flared base which are easy to take on and off for a much quicker setup time.

  1. Matching Hoods

Combine the table setting elements with the seating covers like these hoods that match the table runners. It can tie in the event colour palette nicely and sets real intention to the guests, showing a focus on the little things.

  1. Beaded Back Covers

Stunning beading such as this can help to differentiate certain attendees at recognition ceremonies or weddings or even to add to all your guest chair to make them feel special. They are easily adaptable and in this example has been combined with traditional florals to help add a cultural link to the ceremony as well.

Credit: All About Detail Flower Design

  1. 1920’s Ruffles

Bringing nostalgia to the table can seamlessly incorporate era themes into an event and decor. These chair covers for example create a timeless effect but are quite simple and are a combination of covers and hoods that are ruffled together.


Credit: Oh My Gosh Events

  1. Simple Stretch Covers

This fun idea is useful for creating block patterns or a specific effect in bulk seating areas like this one. The stretched fabric makes a clean and comfortable looking chair while also covering the whole of the seat and as you can see here it draws the eye away from venue décor.

Credit: CaroB Kids Entertainment & Decoration

  1. Plain Patterns

If you want to keep a simple colour palette but avoid boring stretch covers, these can be a great alternative as they have an elegant print design which is noticeable up close without being too bold or overwhelming.

  1. Matching Diamante

Add a bit of elegant bling to your chair covers like this example that can take the edge off bold colours and stop them from becoming overpowering. What makes it more special is the way the diamantes match the napkin rings which is a small, deliberate detail that ties the whole table setting together.

Credit: Set The Mood Decor

  1. Signed Covers

A fun way of sprucing up special guest chairs is by adding fun signs like these Mr and Mrs plaques that attach to the chair cover ruffles and set them apart from the rest!


Credit: Priyakamomiho

  1. Sequin Chair Slips

Give your chairs a little personality like these sparkly sequined slips that easily slip over the back of the chair meaning they can be adapted and reused for different types of seating and events, while making an impact every time.  

Credit: Sunshine Designs

  1. Simple Studded Wraps

If you want to give your stretch covers a little something extra or your theme colours are coming up too bland for the amount of seating you can opt to add simple wraps like these diamante and studded extras.

Credit: Bob Tucker

  1. Fluffed Ponytails

These hoods are the best of both worlds because they simply slip over the top and tighten but they trail all the way down the back of the chair to add more dimension to these plain white stretch covers!

Credit: Make My Day Venue Dressing

  1. Informal Hoods

For parties and informal gatherings these can be a fun idea to spruce up what you have available and they don’t cost a bunch, you could even try making some yourself if you are skilled with a sewing machine. Block colours and simple designs like these are a great addition to these plastic chairs at a kids party and make things a little bit more special.

Credit: JJ Party Hearty

  1. Burlap Layering

Turn budget friendly linen or fabric into chic chair hoods and finish off with a simple lace bow for a fantastic effect like this one. These also stand out beautifully from the stretched fabric white covers and add a touch of rustic to the event, perfectly in keeping with barn inspired weddings and events.

Credit: Make My Day Venue Dressing

  1. Patterned Sashes

If you want to add some patterns but don’t want to go all out on the chairs, this happy medium is a great idea that compliments this spring themed event well. The patterned sashes also add a touch of colour to this pastel colour theme without being too bold and daring!

Credit: Affinity Event Decorators

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are plenty of different ways to spruce up chairs, whether you choose to go for full covers, hoods, ties, beads or simple draping. All have a positive effect that can transform the venue and add some protection to your seating, continuing your event colour scheme and adding the finishing touches to your event.