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25 Amazing Event Floral Displays

Flowers aren’t just for weddings and a beautiful bouquet can complement the registration area and décor of the rooms and be used as part of the actual staging or event design. These floral displays take things one step further and stand out to provide talking points, photo opportunities and set the scene for their respective events, proving that flowers should not be overlooked or underrated.

  1. Hanging Floral Wall

This stunning floral wall background by Grand Eclair at The Film Independent Spirit Awards provided a unique photo opportunity and added the extra dynamic of hanging the roses in a daisy-chain fashion from the wall itself to create a waterfall, cascading effect which, as you can see, had beautiful results.

  1. Flower Entrance

Inspired by Dior, this event art installation shown by The Flower Chef creates an archway entrance that is complimented by the colorful spot lighting. The interesting idea means you could use plain colored flowers and use the lighting display to change the dynamic depending on the evening, theme or mood changes as the event goes on.

  1. Giant Flower Bowls  

This is an interesting idea by Mosaic Floral Event Design as they use flowers to spruce up the existing lobby décor for a new event. These giant bowls can have any flower, color or combination and can totally change the vibe of the event or room with minimal effort.

  1. Dior Couture Wishing Tree SS17

Well if you’re going to go big you might as well go for a tree with this indoor floral display for the Dior Couture Spring Season Show for 2017 shown here by Bureau Betak. As you can see here the hanging parts of the tree and trunk have jewellery as well as other flowers intertwined in the branches and this creates a unique effect for the attendees and to compliment the fashion on the runway for the spring collection.

  1. Candelabra Blossoms

This understated idea is perfect for smaller tables or seated events as the candelabras provide some structure and help to lift most of the florals off of the table while adding an extra dynamic. As you can see from this example by Have A Seat Floral & Decor it creates a beautiful and classy table layout idea.

  1. Cascading Centerpiece

Upscale and Posh Flowers give a different twist on the above by using the stand to create a cascading effect and covering the center of the candlestick to make it look like a freestanding centerpiece. These neutral colors also compliment the tablecloths and added to the silver candles makes it the only table decoration that you need.

  1. Ceiling and Candle Wedding Installation

Making use of the venues original candle lighting fixture suspended from the ceilingprovided the right ingredients for this hanging, cascading flower display, to draw the eye upwards. The picture from Anastasia Goncharova is stunning and it definitely created a moment to remember.

  1. Royal Red

This lavish red and gold theme of trailing flowers by Firenze Flora runs all the way along the head table and matches the centerpieces for the others providing a unique effect and definitely a talking feature. The red and gold complement each other nicely and add rich color to the tables for this outdoor event.

  1. Pedestals & Arches

These display arches over the aisle use the venue’s existing pillars and perfectly lines the room creating a runway effect. Combined with the interesting lighting, Events By Phillipa created a unique display and walkway at this event.

  1. Tropical Palms

Giving out a tropical vibe, these floral art displays use natural elements to also create the stands using coconut palm husks. This example from Bamboo And Lotus shows that you don’t need to use traditional flowers to make an impact, exotic and quirky options grab attention.

  1. Giant Vase

Flowers in a vase may be the norm but not often on this grand scale at this event at the Hop Exchange. As you can see from Bubbles Wong this lavish bouquet is taller than some of its attendees and is the centerpiece for the room rather than a table, sometimes massively up-scaling a traditional idea can create a great impact.


  1. Hanging Crystals

For this lavish birthday celebration the flowers are suspended and combined with hanging crystals which works well with the natural lighting of this rooftop bar. Mosaic Floral Event Design shows us this great way to use floral arrangements in small spaces without taking up table space with this design and layout.

  1. Beautiful Blush Bouquet

This stunning example of a blush wedding bouquet by Joseph Massie Flowers fits right in with the fern backdrop. As you can see the natural combination of foliage and flowers compliments nicely and isn’t too overpowering of the bride.


  1. Floral Branded Archway

This stunning arch and wall combo by Banana Split plc creates a luxurious backdrop. What makes it even more special is the floral logo arranged on the inside providing unique photo opportunities. Using ferns and flowers that hang off the pillars also helps to bring in the space and make it even more intimate for this event.

  1. Chinese New Year Money Tree

In celebration of Chinese New Year 2017, Grand Eclair created this indoor money tree which is a sign of prosperity and good luck. As an interactive display it is both sturdy and beautiful with a great floral base to stop people getting too close or toppling the tree.

  1. Multi-Tiered Table

Have A Seat Floral & Decor show off this display of white and clear in a multi-tiered table layout with a great use of height to make it more dynamic. It gives the illusion of larger bouquets and smaller ones when in actual fact the flowers are cut to similar sizes but the taller vases create this illusion, which is a great budget friendly tip to save on flower arrangement time and cost.

  1. Outdoor Tree Arch

Using the natural frame of a tree Anastasia Goncharova makes it more beautiful by creating this archway and matching pedestal displays. These vibrant colors also work well outside in the natural landscape and draw the eye away from all the green, to focus on the blue sky above.

  1. Little And Large

These bright and bold indoor displays work well for maximum impact without taking up too much space at the table and allowing the attendees to see each other. The Fairy Tale Fair uses the larger bouquets to float above using up the dead space while the smaller, identical displays add a splash of color to the simple tablescape.

  1. Constructed Flower Tree

This flower tree created by Dream Events is completely man-made for an indoor purpose and the trunk acts as both an aesthetic for the décor but also a natural vase for the blooming flowers and blossoms above.

  1. Valentine’s Staircase

A beautiful way to spice up venue architecture is to use floral displays like this one from Jeff Leatham . As you can see it provides a welcoming event entrance and also frames the staircase beautifully.

  1. Roof Installation

This unique and intricate floral roof installation by Flowers Vasette is the ultimate space saving idea that creates an otherworldly feel to your event without taking up any physical space. This is an interesting way to lower the ceiling and make the venue feel more intimate if you have a larger space than needed.

  1. Intertwining Branches

This sophisticated display is definitely the talking point of this venue as you can see here thanks to Tamuna Urushadze. The cascading flowers down the trunk combined with the intertwining of the flowers in the branches create an elegant center feature to the room and an amazing floral display.


  1. Tropical Birds Of Paradise

These unique table displays by Banana Split plc stand out because they make the most of exotic and unusual foliage like these tall birds of paradise that are striking but simple, not spreading too far or taking up too much space on the table.

  1. Large Roses

Roses can be simple and elegant but also unoriginal, but this rose display by Voorn Rozen is not only raised off of the table to avoid taking too much space but also has suspended candles that match those on the table and to add another interesting dynamic.

  1. Pool Flowers

This interesting display by Jeff Leatham not only creates a vibrant table scape but uses the pool and water to create a different effect and make an impact. Of course not all venue locations have a pool in situ, but floating flower displays add a serene element to the event.

In Conclusion

Flowers and floral displays can be designed in such unique and interesting ways that will have your attendees talking and bring a little something extra to your décor.

Now you have the inspiration you need, how will you use flowers in your next event?