22 Great Event Destination Websites

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Here are some of the best destination websites, guaranteed to leave you with a sense of wanderlust.

Tourism boards and destination websites help to provide valuable information for event planners, whether you’re a traveler who likes to visit events in other countries or if you are specifically looking to plan an experience globally. This collection of great destination websites will give you travel and tourism inspiration to book your next holiday or plan your next event abroad. You can get lost in these websites just as much as you can with the places they represent, so sit back and enjoy the journey.

Washington DC


You can find a lot of insider information on the Washington tourism site that answers questions such as; what can you do for free in the city, which of the attractions require tickets and are open to the public and how to plan your trip. They also have a live link to the hashtag #MYDCCOOL which shows stunning images from visitors on the site so you can get an authentic traveler’s-eye-view of the city.

Malaysia Travel


With stunning photos and creative backgrounds some of the extensive culture seeps through even on the website which is easy to use and navigate. There are also two options to show different sides of Malaysia as you can select corporate or holidays to help you research.

Visit Dublin


This website is stunning and adapts for the seasons. The landing page lets you select the content you want to see, such as Dublin Bay, music and planning your trip. It also gives you a guide of current events and venues.

Travel Belize


This paneled layout is very eye catching and helps to highlight some of the areas of interest in Belize and where you can visit. With options to see the “heartland of the Maya”, “explore the reef” or looking at the coast there is also a handy map that shows you how far away each of these attractions will take you from the center of the city (in hours) which is great planning information. While the mobile version of this site is fine, the desktop is where it really shines and comes alive.

Go to Hungary


With plenty of content, live social media updates and the ability to translate into many languages, the go to Hungary website is great for tourists and travellers who want all the information about planning a trip and the website can also help you find accommodation. It has a Hungary blog that discusses things like: “great events wine lovers should visit this autumn in Hungary” as well as events in different regions you can visit.

Travel Oregon


The travel Oregon site is a little unique in the sense that they use “handwriting” style font types which gives it a more homely feel which invites you in. The paneled pictures on the home page are clickable and take you to galleries and interesting sights and trips and it is also full of all the information you need. They also have seasonal information making it continually relevant, for example they have the option to show you winter trip ideas currently.

Visit London


With a live event calendar, popular theater shows and tours and a range of offers and accommodation tips you are bound to find what you need and maybe even save a pound or two. There is specific traveler information on how to use the underground or rail services and it’s available in a range of languages to suit tourists. This clean layout and design is also great and responsive on a mobile device making it useful if you need information while you are out and about.

Visit Music City


Nashville, Tennessee is known as music city because it is the epicenter of the country music industry and this website doesn’t disappoint. It is vibrant, interesting and offers you information on the latest events and neighborhoods that you can visit. Something that sets it apart from other sites if the ability to listen to music and currently they have a Music City Winter Playlist online to get a sense of the type of music you will be experiencing during your visit.



With stunning photos showing off the island, the Jersey site definitely makes you wish for a break, the clean layout is definitely user friendly and the categories for food and drink, what to do, where to stay, discounts and the guides are all incredibly useful. A little added bonus to the site is that you can see videos of various parts of the island and experience it in 360 degrees to get a real perspective and decide which parts you want to visit and include on your itinerary.  

Visit California


This website has a great introduction video and a range of articles that cover events that have happened in and around California to things you should see, top surfing spots and beaches, planning a road trip, as well as a live calendar of events so that you don’t miss out.

Visit Copenhagen


Copenhagen is a popular travel destination for corporate events and team building weekends in Europe and with the easy to navigate windows and vibrant photos you can easily find what you need, from the top 30 attractions to visit to up to date articles on new restaurants and tours. They also have plenty of social media updates and a YouTube channel for videos relating to Copenhagen.

Go to Bermuda


One of the key elements to this website is the striking images and the link to social media. They have a scrolling Instagram feed on the home page that displays photos from travellers who use the hashtags: #Bermudaful and #GoToBermuda. There is also a live event calendar that scrolls through the latest events and you can easily search for a date to find what is on during your planned stay which is a useful tool.  

Discover Los Angeles


With famous LA celebrities adorning the page as soon as you visit it is definitely one for those who get star struck and want a taste of the LA lifestyle. There are suggestions of where to go and what to do from famous celebrities such as Mario Lopez, Magic Johnson and Rob Lowe and an up to date blog highlighting events, venues and specifics such as “The best places in Los Angeles for Animal Lovers” which will give you plenty of insider info if you are planning an event there.

Visit Malta


A particularly useful destination site for event planners because aside from the normal planning information, a clean layout and good navigation, there are specific sections for planning meetings or corporate events. These include: top hotel and venue suggestions, incentive ideas, current conferences and events and also promotional videos to get help with creating packages and getting a good travel price.

Botswana Tourism


One of the most interesting parts about this website is the “Flora and Fauna” section which can show you the animals and plants can be found in Botswana on tours or a reserves. With flashing images of stunning things to see and do, including Zebras at the Kings pool, a Gemsbok heard at Khutse Game Reserve and scenic flights over the Okavango Delta it definitely draws you in.

Visit Norway


The videos on this site are stunning and definitely try to capture some of the best tourist attractions of Norway. With the emphasis on the beautiful Northern Lights there is an abundance of information in a mobile-friendly site.

Visit Jordan


There are news updates, technology for travellers, sightseeing packages and booking options on this website that are all complimented by the amazing photos of each of the sites. A live calendar can help you book at certain times of the year and there is also a media center to help you plan an event and stay current in events over in Jordan. There is also an EarthCam which allows you to live stream certain places such as the Dead Sea, Petra or the Amman City Skyline to give you an inside look (and serious wanderlust).

Bordeaux Tourism


With scrolling images of award winning attractions including the Water Mirror and vineyards, Bordeaux in France is a great site and is also one of the top 10 travel destinations of 2016. The site layout is incredibly user friendly and one of the plus points is that they use icons for categories making it easy to use for those with a language barrier.

Travel to Cuba


The galleries available on the Travel to Cuba site are wonderful and give you a sense of the culture and traditions of the country. The site itself is full of vibrant images and also has specific information on events and destinations which are particularly useful for eventprofs.

I Amsterdam


An excellent site on both the desktop and the mobile makes it particularly useful for travellers trying to tune in. They have an up to date blog for information as well as current “what’s on” in the city which helps to keep on track and plan. The layout itself is quite simplistic but the use of images and bold colors (as well as the different language options) make it worthwhile.

Your Singapore


Combining traditional blog elements and a tourism board, Your Singapore allows you to get tips and tricks for eating out as well as tips on local dishes and the local nightlife. You can also pick activities that are available by categories such as; arts, history, culture, architecture and neighborhoods which can help you narrow down an itinerary to fit in with an organized event. You can also see the popular neighborhoods on a live map as well as live twitter updates.

Go Israel


With weather updates, interactive movies and media as well as scrolling, clickable interest sections there is a lot of information to be found on the site. You can take virtual tours, see the picture galleries and look at maps of the region when deciding your itinerary and there are plenty of attractions advertised. There are also a range of “mini sites” that can take you to specific categories with an abundance of more information, for example the “Go Israel Conference and Incentive” section.

In Conclusion

Ultimately it depends on what you need to determine what makes a good destination site, for example if you are a traveler and need quick information you will be looking for mobile-friendly and easy to navigate, if you are looking for inspiration then sites with large galleries are bound to impress and if you are an event planner you may want event and venue specifics to help you plan your next event. Whatever your circumstances and regardless of what you need, these websites have something for everyone. Just try to control your wanderlust!