The Best Posts in 2011

2011 has been an incredible year for Event Manager Blog.

We had a redesign, a new Google+ page, a Job Board and Twitter account.

We also welcomed a number of great sponsors who helped us to produce even better content.

If you haven’t been in touch in a while here is what you missed last year:

The Best Posts in 2011

1. 10 Common Mistakes Event Planners Make
A very popular article of common pitfalls in event planning.

2. 25+ Resources and Tips to Get into Event Planning
A comprehensive guide for those starting out, students or job seekers.

3. Social Media Strategy for Busy Event Planners in 6 Easy Steps
This blog heavily influences the way event planners use social media. Here is a quick guide to get you up and running.

4. Forget about QR Codes. NFC Will Rule Your Event
We’ve been among the first to discuss the use of NFC in events. This article got a lot of interest.

5. 10 Applications For Your Facebook Event Page
Facebook baby! Do you have a kick ass page in place? No? Here is where to start.

Never Miss a Post again

What an incredible year! How will you be able to miss so much action 2012?

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