17 Event Signage Ideas

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Event signage is necessary, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Get inspired by these beautiful examples of event signage to spice things up a bit.

The main purpose of event signage is to make the attendee journey around your event easier. With event wayfinding comes plenty of branding, marketing and sponsorship opportunities for your event too. Here is some inspiration to ensure your signage is paid attention to!

  1. Script Balloons

Rather than printing onto balloons, try something different and have signs using balloon lettering. They can be adapted and placed anywhere at the event and adapted to suit themes and colour palettes so are quite diverse and fun!

Credit: Queen City Balloon Bar

  1. Stair Wraps

Don’t leave stairs to be dead space, make use of their marketing potential with these stair wrap ideas that can market your event and are a guaranteed photo opportunity.

  1. Mirrors

Using mirrors and calligraphy can create a cool effect and used for many different signage purposes from wayfinders to these gorgeous table plans. You can look at full length, larger options or if your budget won’t allow it, opt for something smaller like these with a funky frame to make them pop instead.

Credit: Oh My Gosh Events

  1. Helium Marketing Balloons

Particularly useful for outdoor events, these balloons can be seen long before attendees get there and can be used as a marker or offer a unique sponsorship opportunity. Plus, they stay fairly out of the way and won’t impact the décor or logistics of your event (just remember to tie them properly on a windy day!)

  1. Brand Activation Pillars

Something more striking such as these pillars can be excellent signage options that rotate, light up or contain printed materials for attendees to look at. They are a great way of framing entrances and can work wonders on a trade show floor.

Credit: Amir Lopez

  1. Floating Signs

These acrylic signage ideas once in position give a unique floating effect and can be used on table tops or scaled up or down to suit the purpose. They could be used as a branding opportunity, to direct attendees or as a creative sponsorship idea too!

Credit: Abplas Ltd

  1. Rustic Signs

A simple arrow direction can help attendees navigate different areas of a venue and can be an excellent budget alternative to extra staff for smaller events. Plus, this gorgeous hand-painted version is classy but still helpful and gets the job done.

Credit: Mulberry Market Designs

  1. See-Through Social Media

These free standing acrylic signs would be a great additions to tables at events to share your event hashtag and improve event participation. Since they are easily wipeable they would be a useful cost-saving idea that you can use again and again.

Credit: The Occasional Crafter UK

  1. Step and Repeats

This traditional event logo backdrop doubles up as the perfect sponsorship opportunity too and can be used as a in event photos to boost exposure and marketing. Mix things up by providing an event photographer to snap and share professional images that attendees can view and tag on social media after the event to make it extra special and increase reach.

Credit: Bee Michele

  1. Signposts

For larger events, such as outdoor public events, trade shows or exhibitions, signposts can be beneficial for navigating and reducing the need for directing staff. They can direct to multiple areas and also act as a larger meeting point for attendees while also being quite quirky and interesting to see around.

Credit: Swiss Wedding Planner

  1. Free Standing Oversized Signs

These can be made from anything and definitely make a large impact as well as being an attendee picture favourite. You can opt for the event or venue name, themes, sponsors or other ideas in large, bold letters to stand out and act as a centrepiece for your venue.

Credit: Michelle Rocheleau

  1. Props

Realistically, with a bit of creativity, you can use just about anything as a signage opportunity and this surfboard prop is the perfect example. You can keep them with your theme, add an extra flair or go bargain hunting for a budget friendly alternative to use and intrigue guests.

Credit: iDecor4you

  1. Banners

This traditional idea is completely adaptive to your budget, event type and even the weather. This giant banner for the race day refreshment marquee is big enough to be seen across the large outdoor area and attract all the finishers for a well earned break!

Credit: Preston Displays

  1. Entrance Signage

Make an impact from the beginning of your event with signage over the entrance or as attendees start to arrive in the registration area. This can help them identify the event from the outset as well as get them excited as soon as they walk up to the door with that “I’ve arrived” feeling.

Credit: Graphic Installations, Inc

  1. GOBOs/Projections

Although higher on the budget, these are easier to implement and can be particularly useful if you have a historical or architecturally important venue that you aren’t allowed to modify. Projection signage can also make use of large, plain walls as well as floors, tables and ceilings so they are diverse enough for any event.

Credit: L.A Event Lights

  1. Handwritten Boards

You don’t always have to go high tech with your signage and traditional hand-written signs work just as well, whether you are looking for a food station sign or just to let attendees know where to sit. Chalkboards are a favourite, but you could write on anything from card to wood, to even car hoods. Get practicing your calligraphy for a sophisticated flair!

Credit: Starry Crown Calligraphy

  1. Floor Graphics

Who wants boring venue floors anyway? Add stickers or signage decals to the floor and you can use them as a sponsorship, branding or signage opportunity to make use of the wasted space. Footprints or arrows on a trade show or exhibition floor is also a great wayfinding idea to combine with signage too.

Credit: Event Graffiti

In Conclusion

These signage ideas definitely won’t fall flat at your event and they are more likely to make an impact than flimsy paper signs or uninspiring floor standing frames. Do something different to avoid wayfinding being ignored and not seen by your guests. Incorporate good and eye-catching event signage at your event might even save on staffing costs too! Win, win.