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15 Free Ebooks About Event Planning

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Finding free resources for event planners online can sometimes be tricky. To get you started, here are 15 free ebooks about event planning.

UPDATE: Since this post we’ve launched 5 free ebooks, check out our resources here

A little bit more indulgence. Hard days of researching to bring you effective tools for your event planning business or career.

Download them on your PC, ipod, pda and read them. I am sure you will get inspired and remember that every little bit counts.

Free ebooks about event planning


1. Practical Project Management [update: link no longer active]
2. Event Management Tips and Guidance for Success [update: link no longer active]
3. A Project Management Primer or “a guide to making projects work (v2.0)”


4. Event Planning Checklist [update: link no longer active]
5. Event Planning Guide – Successful Meeting and Convention Planning [update: link no longer active]
6. Inclusive and Accessible special Event Planning [update: link no longer active]

Wedding Planning

7. Wedding Planning Workbook [update: link no longer active]


8. Fundraising Guide for NGOs
9. Volunteer Management Practices and Retention


10. The 10 Mistakes We Make at Networking Events and How to Avoid Them [update: link no longer active]
11. Smart Networking: End the Resistance, Prepare for Success and Get 24/7 Results Without the 24/7 Effort


12. The Effects of Sponsorship and Experience on Customer Attitudes [update: link no longer active]
13. How to Write a Marketing Plan [update: link no longer active]
14. The New Rules of Viral Marketing : How word-of-mouse spreads your ideas for free
15. Let’s Talk. Social Media for Small Businesses [update: link no longer active]

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