Top 10 tips to generate leads with events

Events are a source of revenue and most of the times a concept to sell to interested people. Nevertheless events are widely used as a marketing tool to generate leads. Here are a few tips on how to maximize leads generation for your event.

10. Collect data. The most obvious yet the least adopted practice. Whether your objective is to inform, upsell or cross-sell you need to collect as much information as possible on who is participating at the event.


9. Set up wise registration/contact forms. In order to achieve the previous point it is fundamental to setup some form of data collection. Events aimed at generating leads have to include a brief registration form specifically designed to ask relevant information, which leads us to the next point.

8. Be specific. Ask only details that you need to know. Do not bore your customer with 5 pages forms filled with questions on religion and number of dogs in the household. Ask yourself if what you’re demanding is relevant for what you are trying to sell.

7. Connect with people. Talk to the people at your event don’t let them have the buffet without establishing a connection with them. Why are they there? What are the reasons they are listening to a particular speaker?

Try to verbalize as much information as possible and to subsequently put that into writing.


6. Understand roles. Try to figure out the decision makers in the event. Who has buying power? Once you’ve figured that out focus your effort to connect with these people, skimming your target audience.

5. Be prepared to inform. Collect all the relevant material to the product you are trying to sell. If a customer addresses you with questions are you (and your staff) prepared to answer? Are you comfortable with the advertising material you have?

4. Train your team. Does your waiting staff know that they’re there not only to steward but that they effectively are salespeople? Inform them on how to tackle the customer and what information they need to give when asked. Possibly send them an email with this post.

3. Manage your time. Understand how long your pitch should be. How long should you be with a customer before she/he gets bored or you notice she/he is simply not interested in the product?

2. Prepare a sound pitch. Knowing what to say when addressing someone enhances confidence and chances to succeed. Think about reactions and prepare answers to questions. If you’re caught in panic there are little chances to successfully pitch.

1. Follow up on your leads. Ok, so you have 300 contacts, what are you gonna do about it? Only a small fraction of leads gets converted, that percentage goes even closer to zero if you do not follow up. Document yourself on sales funnel and actions required at each step.

Follow up what you have achieved with your event and generate new business for your product.