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10 Killer Tips on How To Make Your Event Successful

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What is the basic structure of a successful event? What should you consider before running an event to avoid blunders? In this article, we take you through the basic steps of the event planning process.

Success takes more than just execution. Event planners are extremely prepared to face all the challenges that will inevitably come forward during the event planning process. It is very easy to jump to tactics and forget that without a strategy, things will inevitably go wrong. The following 10 items are by no means comprehensive but can give you a clear idea of the very basic elements you need to consider for a successful event.

how to make your event successful killer tips

10. Set Clear Objectives. In order to understand whether you made the right moves, you need to have SMART objectives. During the event you’ll know what is important, after the event you’ll be able to measure your effectiveness.

9. Pick the Right Team. Two people that contribute and listen to others are usually enough for a 600 delegate conference. Look for these two people.

8. Do your Marketing. 4p’s are kind of an old concept…sure. But are you at least aware of what are your event 4p’s are?

how to make your event successful

7. Think Ahead. If you are an event manager and do not have this capability, start understanding the benefits of planning.

6. Do your Targeting. Why are bored students 70% of your conference about getting old? Understand who is your main audience, describe them and talk to them.

5. Promote Well. Everything is set. Tables, chairs, mics but it’s only you and the paramedics in a 500 capacity room? That might happen if you do not inform and persuade your target audience that your event is relevant to them.

4. Understand your Stakeholders. Who is going to benefit from your event? Who is going to judge your choices? Who is going to be upset if you don’t clean what you’ve used?

3. Prioritize your Stakeholders. Who of the above is going to have more influence on my objectives?

2. Monitor Satisfaction. Service is intangible, intangible shouldn’t mean not measurable. Find new ways to measure satisfaction. Satisfaction means retention, retention can become a massive business card for your next employer.

how to make your event successful

1. Know What’s Going On. Are you aware of what is going on in the reception area of your meeting while people are leaving the main conference room? Is the buffet ready? Are the stewards able to drive the crowd? Do they know where to move them? Ask yourself questions and find the answers quickly.